************NEW TO WARFARE 2023 ***************

Mordheim is a tabletop game published by Games Workshop in 1999. It is a variant of the company’s Warhammer Fantasy game set on a warband or “skirmish” scale.  The game is set during a civil war in the Empire from Imperial Year 1999, some 500 years before the present day in the Warhammer Fantasy timeline. When a comet struck and destroyed the city of Mordheim, a material called wyrdstone was scattered throughout the ruins. Mercenary warbands from all over the Warhammer world battle with one another for the wyrdstone.

This will be a 2 day competition initially limited to 8 players – 4 Good  4 Evil (see below) with 4 games on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday.

For the purpose of narrative, warbands will be split equally into a “Good” side or “Evil” side.

Good aligned warbands are considered to be – Avalanders, Dwarf Treasure Hunters, Kislevites, Marienburgers, Middenheimers, Reiklanders, Sisters of Sigmar & Witch Hunters

Evil aligned warbands are considered to be – Beastmen Raiders (EIF edition) Carnival of Chaos, Cult of the Possessed, Orc Mob, Skaven & Undead

Full rules Pack is Here 

Tickets for Good warbands are here

Tickets for Evil warbands are here