Armati is a rules system that simulates the battlefield tactics of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance armies.   Armati is unique amongst its Ancients rules sets in that it utilises screens to hide deployment.  it is more restrictive  movement wise as it is aimed at reducing the players helicopter view advantage.

Your tournament organiser is Philip Bathe.

This is a two day tournament with 5 games in total – armies are 15mm and to 75 points

The Headline Tournament Rules


The period this year will be Triumph of Cavalry.

Extra Terrain in the Middle Flank Zones for Free!

Standard Armati terrain buying rules apply (you get your core for free and may purchase more should you wish) with the addition that you get a second piece of terrain for free (the player may choose either a gentle slope or whatever their core terrain is). This extra terrain piece must be deployed in the middle of the table with at least part of it in line with the player’s left flank zone but no nearer than 6 game inches of either deployment zone. It is less complicated than it might sound – we used it last year and mostly got it right!

Swapping Armies

Players use their own armies for the first and fourth rounds. For the second, third and fifth rounds players use the army that they just fought against in the previous round. In other words: players swap armies after the game finishes. The idea being that if you just got thumped you get some sort of revenge knowing you now have a better army whilst your victor has to use the shambolic mess of yellow bellied curs you just commanded.

Rules Pack Available Here