Fantasy Tournaments

Welcome to the Fantasy Tournaments Home Page

I remember playing Middle earth games with Minifigs figures – Haradrim spearmen using modified WRG rules (4th?) back in the late 70s.  With the arrival in the mid 80s of the Games Workshop Warhammer rule sets we saw fantasy gaming propel itself forward – and this has been reflected in the tournament scene at Warfare over the years.  Last year we ran the biggest Middle-earth Strategy Battle Games Tournament in the South with just a smidgeon short of 100 players.

So Fantasy gaming is very much an integral part of Warfare tournaments and this year we would like to see much more of it.

Lets take a quick aside to see what do you get at Warfare –  well Trophies and Prizes and access to around 70 traders –  starting with trophies they have evolved over the years and the current trophy is a rather beautiful if I say so myself LaserCrystal rectangle of varying size with our Club mascot WARren the Wyvern embedded in it .  In addition we had two flavours of wooden spoon for those tournaments  that like to provide that.

The other thing that competitors want to know about is prize support – well last year we received over £7k worth of prizes from various traders and manufacturers equating to over £16 per player.  Many happy competitors went away with a new mat or a dragon, a halfling civilian or even a simple template for their game system. Again we will be looking to do the same this year – if you are a trader/manufacture  and wish to provide any prizes  please contact us – in return we will advertise you under the appropriate  tournament(s) .

So what Tournaments can we expect this year – ) the old guard are back – we are just trying to put a new team together to run  M-ESBG , the Smith boys are back with Kings of War and last years new kid on the block Bushido is back.  We also now have an Age of Sigmar tournament in the offing run by the guys at Gitmob Gaming.

We have some new kids now on the block – Horde of the Things will be running as a one day competition on the Sunday.  Also a Warmaster Revolution tournament will also be running just on the Sunday.  If its new and a full weekend is what you are after then we have an oldie but goldie  in War Gods.

This year is all about expansion – we would love to see more Tournaments – we just need someone to step forward and be the TO.  From my own personal perspective i would love to see Blood Bowl there this year – it is an old blast from the past and my son would play it so 1 ticket is guaranteed already.  We have had interested expressed in A Song of Ice and Fire  and Oathmark but lack TOs so far.    We are happy to run a Tournament for just the one day or the two and simply ask that you have a minimum of 6 players – there is no upper limit as we have oodles of space at Farnborough.

Oldhammer anyone ?  In a similar vein this is the opportunity to dust of those old figures from older rulesets and give them another hurrah – there are many just get in touch be it old or new systems.