DBMM 15mm – The Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

De Bellis Magistrorum Militum (DBMM)  is the latest in a long line of Ancient and Medieval rules sets from Phil Barker.  An element based system designed for the big battle using a dice based Player Initiative Points (PIPs) system to simulate command and control or at times not.   This is the  15mm tournament.  There is also a 25/8mm Tournament see here.

A two day event with 2 games per day – 15mm – 400 point armies  from a theme around Ancient Assyria and Rome -its Highlander based – there can be only one – a province or MAJOR STATE option is chosen from those available.  A list of of options is here.  Those in red or amber have already been chosen.

Additionally players are competing for the Phil Barker Trophy.

The Rules pack is available here.

Ticket available here