WRG War Games Rules 1000BC to 1000AD 4th Edition

WRG 4th were penned by Phil Barker back in 1973 so we are delighted to welcome them to Warfare 2023 to celebrate their 50th anniversary.    This rule set for Ancient and Medieval battles is part of the evolutionary process that lead to most of the rules sets for that period in use today.  For me it is a wonderful piece of nostalgia as its the first rule set I used –  I played in on a card table in our kitchen with plasticine attached pine cones making a big forest with Airfix Romans and Britons some of which i had cast in lead using home made Plaster of Paris moulds (which ruined my mothers saucepans).

Your Tournament Organiser is Stephen Pearce

This will be a two day competition for around eight players using 1/72 or 20mm scale as this fits nicely for the older figures in use in the 1970s.  Stephen has prepared 8 armies for use in the competition so if you haven’t an army then he will sort one for you.

Armies will be 1000 points and Stephen will prepare a set of army lists loosely based on Phil Barker’s Airfix guide and these will cover 500BC to 500AD.