Warfare 2024 – Demo & Participation Games

Confirmed Demo & Participant Games for Warfare 2024

Huntingdon and District Wargames Society – The Battle of Sluys 1340, 15mm Medieval Naval

Joe Bilton – The Barrikady Factory, Stalingrad, 28mm What a Tanker

The Two Wardys – One Day in August, WW2

Wargames Association of Reading – Rumble in the Ruins, 28mm Modern

The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare – A Skirmish Game using the “In Her Majesty’s Name” Ruleset

Abingdon Wargames Club – 3D Space Competition

Deal Wargames Society – The Grass is Greener – Action on the African Savannah, 1/32 scale or Siamese Fireback Down, Counter Insurgency in Thailand, 28mm

Ardhammer Group – Franco-Dutch War, 1672-1678, 28mm