Traditional Games, Board Games and Card Games Tournaments

This is the new kid on the block – and systems we previously haven’t had at Warfare,  The Little Wars theme and the view that this year is a celebration of (War)gaming lends itself to exploring bringing on some of these systems.

Here we look to bring on some of the more traditional games that  sit alongside figure gaming.

We have now got tournaments running for

Catan – Saturday pm only

Carcassonne – Saturday pm only (both run by Mind Sports Olympiad)

Civilization: A New Dawn with Terra Incognita Expansion – Board Game Saturday Session only

and a tri game tournament involving playing 3 different games – Sunday only

plus Traditional Games in the form of Crokinole and Rapid Chess

With Crokinole there is the opportunity to trial it on the Saturday morning and enter the tournament in the afternoon

and lastly but by no means least – love to branch out into Card games – Pokemon. MtG etc are all possible Tournaments if someone is prepared to step forward and run them.