ADLG 25mm “Even More Other Empires are Available”

ADLG – Art De la Guerre allows you to fight battles ranging from early Antiquity (3000 BC) to the end of the Middle-ages (1500 AD). Each player commands an army of twenty or so units.  Battles tend to take around 2 hours. So smaller but quicker than its cousins. This is for the 25mm variant – see other page for 15mm.

This year we’re “sort-of” aligning the two periods to cover a similar timeframe, with the usual caveat of 25mm being slightly less restrictive in recognition of the fact the figures take longer to paint!
The 25mm themes will therefore be:
25mm “Even More Other Empires are Available”: Similar idea to 15mm , and same troop type restrictions, but also extending the datelines a little wider to 395-962 CE (from the partition of the Roman Empire to the coronation of Otto I by the Pope to (again) restore the Holy Roman Empire).
There are no geographical restrictions in this period, however only the minimum number of Cataphracts and/or Elephants can be taken in any list. Allied contingents that have a compulsory minima of Cataphracts and/or elephants are allowed to be chosen.

Timings are as follows

Saturday 0900-1130, 1215-1445, 1500-1730
Sunday 0930-1200, 1300-1530
List checker : Simon LeRay-Meyer [email protected]


Tickets will go on sale on April 26the here and at the ticket shop