Club Discounts and affiliations

Club Discounts and affiliations

I will be developing this page over the year. and will add up where club memebers can get discounts, if codes required you will need to request from commitee member

also are companies we have an affiliation deal

If bulk orders to dealers are being done also please speak to committee member, as we may be able to contact as a club and arrange a club discount (we have done this for 4 Ground to get 30% as example)

If I miss any please let me know and I will add



Warbases – 10%

Warlord – 10%



1. Gobllin Gaming
Go to Goblin Gaming wia this link
Then use your own ID and password as any other customer, it will give 2.5% of everything that customer spends, back to us as the affiliate. So the club can then use to purchase items for the club etc
They stock such as Bolt action, 40K, AOS, Board games, xwing etc and will be stocking FOW soon, most ly 20% discounted and free delivery over certain amount
Club Dice Bags

Club Dice bags can be ordered form Saddlegoose games (Deb Slade)

if anyone wants to order one of the WAR bags or anything other dice bags. please contact either by email: or by Messenger through the Facebook page

Matt Slade will also take some  to Warfare with him.