DBA – 15mm “Armies and Enemies of the Roman Republic”

NEW to Warfare 2023

DBA – De Bellis Antiquitatis – is a fast play set of rules for ancient and medieval wargaming in the period 3000 BC to 1520 AD. DBA is produced by the Wargames Research Group and was the first game in the DBx series. These rules allow entire armies to be represented by 12 elements and fast games, resolved within an hour.

The tournament will use the standard v3.0 rules and have 5 rounds, which should also allow plenty of time to visit the trade stands and have lunch. The tournament will use the Swiss chess system and we will make every effort to avoid the same players playing twice.

The winner will receive the a trophy and there will be a selection of prizes.

This tournament will be played on Saturday, with registration at 9am and games beginning at 9:30am.

You will need a valid 12-element army in 15mm and any terrain you need as a defender, as well as dice and measuring sticks.

Armies are Armies and Enemies of the Roman Republic drawn from the list HERE

Boards will be provided.

For further information contact your Tournament Organiser

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