DBMM 15mm – Around the Golden Horn

De Bellis Magisterium Militum (DBMM) is the latest in a long line of Ancient and Medieval rules sets from Phil Barker. An element-based system designed for the big battle using a dice-based Player Initiative Points (PIPs) system to simulate command and control or at times not.

This is the 15mm tournament.

A two-day event with 2 games per day – 15mm – 400 point armies from a theme around medieval Eastern Europe – its Highlander based – there can be only one – a province or MAJOR STATE option is chosen from those available.  Those in red or amber have already been chosen.

Please email the organiser [email protected] with your choices as soon as (and certainly within 24hrs)  you buy your ticket.   Its first come first served.

The list of options is here –  Around the Golden Horn

The Rules pack is available here – DBMM Warfare 2024

Tickets will be available Tuesday 30th April at 07:15