Historical Tournaments

Welcome to the Historical Tournaments Home Page

Historical gaming has for many years been the cornerstone of Warfare Tournaments- if your interest is piqued by Caesar facing the Gallic hordes- going a Viking – the battles of Napoleon – the beaches of Normandy then there is a Tournament at Warfare for you – and in all likelihood more than one.

Last year we had 16 separate historical tournaments all of which are back again this year – in the ancient world we have several rules sets represented – from element based systems through units and even individual figures systems – all are there and sometimes both in 15mm and 25/8mm scale.   We have – they do like an acronym – ADLG 15mm, ADLG 25mm, Armati, DBMM  15mm, DBMM 25mm, FoG AM, MeG 25mm PactoMeG 28mm Magna, MeG 15mm Maximus, ReG, , To the Strongest and Swordpoint – not forgetting that old stalwart WRG 6th edition.   For the Napoleonic enthusiast – Bataille Empire is back.  World War II is well represented by Bolt Action and Flames of War and we are looking forward to seeing the launch of Divisions of Steel.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary we will be running a WRG 4th tournament and new to Warfare this year is a one day DBA competition on the Saturday which can be combined with a HoTT on the Sunday.

Lets take a quick aside to see what do you get at Warfare –  well Trophies and Prizes and access to around 70 traders –  starting with trophies they have evolved over the years and the current trophy is a rather beautiful if I say so myself LaserCrystal rectangle of varying size with our Club mascot WARren the Wyvern embedded in it .  In addition we had two flavours of wooden spoon for those tournaments  that like to provide that.

The other thing that competitors want to know about is prize support – well last year we received over £7k worth of prizes from various traders and manufacturers equating to over £16 per player.  Many happy competitors went away with a special edition terrain piece (a lovely Lemon Grove)  some figure packs to inspire a new army choice.  Again we will be looking to do the same this year – if you are a trader/manufacturer and wish to provide any prizes  please contact us – in return we will advertise you under the appropriate  tournament(s) .  You can get a feel for this from last years list.

This year is all about expansion – we would love to see more Tournaments – so if you are interested in a historical Tournament not listed above then get in touch – we can provide the raw trestles, chairs trophies and prizes but we need people to run them so if you want to be a Tournament organiser for a new Historical tournament get in touch now.