Civilization: A New Dawn with Terra Incognita Expansion – Board Game Saturday Session

New for Warfare 2023 ****  Can you build an empire that can stand the test of time?
This is your chance to come along and play the 4 player board game Civilization: A New Dawn based on the hit Video Game Franchise ‘Sid Meier’s Civilization’ plus the Terra Incognito Expansion which gives us a 5th player.  Players can purchase a ticket for a full session on the Saturday which will include an all day session playing the game (with occasional stops for lunch and shopping) and also provides entry to the Event.    The whole day being devoted to a single session should allow a result to be achieved.
Players must be familiar with the rules – these are available on the Fantasy Flight Games Website for both the base game and the Terra Incognita Expansion , or alternatively you can look up the Youtube tutorials by RTFM if you want to learn through the visual medium of video.
Civilization leader choice will be made on the day of the tournament.
The winner will receive one of the coveted WARren the Wyvern Lasercrystal trophies plus some other goodies as part of the overall Prize Support.
Your Tournament Organiser is Asim and tickets are obviously limited to just the 5 players on a first come first served basis