Kings of War

Kings of War is a massed rank and flank fantasy battle game created by Mantic Games. The game is miniature agnostic meaning that if you do not wish to take an army comprised of the fantastic miniatures Mantic Games produce these days you don’t have to! You can use whatever models you like. Even those from that other big fantasy battle game we’ve all forgotten the name of. Kings of War is playable on a chess clock lending itself to tournament play by ensuring that every game will always reach the end of the required number of turns.

Kings of War at Warfare is back for its second year. The tournament will be comprised of five games at 1995 point across the two days, allowing for plenty of time to peruse the many traders or the ever popular bring and buy. The tournament will also include rules for new terrain features not found in the main rule book, giving generals a unique challenge at every table they play on.

The full rules pack is available here.

Tickets will go on sale here as well as the Ticket Shop on April 26th