War Gods

New to Warfare 2023 is

War Gods of Æegyptus,  Olympus and Hyberborea are a set of rules for tabletop miniatures combat set in a pseudo-historical Bronze Age Egypt and Greece and the fantastical land of Hyberborea.  Players collect and paint miniatures that correspond to the combatants listed in the book and then use the figures to fight tabletop battles.

This will be a 2 day competition and there will be 4 scenario based games (details of which and full rules pack will be available in July)

The winner will be the person with the most “Scenario” points.

Armies can be drawn from any of the books/options and will be to 1,525pts including Ka 2

Your Tournament Organiser is John Fry

Generous Prize Support has already been provided by Crocodile Games including some leatherette rule sets