Warfare 2024 – Traders

Warfare has always had a strong trade presence from its humble beginning with a mere handful in the late 70s through to the 70 traders we had last year. With the move to our new home at Farnborough we have capacity to expand. Last year we had 4 tournament players mostly playing on both days and 26 demo and participation games giving us over 500 captive customers which if you then add in the 1,500 members of the public who came through the doors just to attend the show gives you a potential market of over 2,000 customers so that’s a huge opportunity for traders. manufacturers etc to show off their wares over the weekend.  If that wasn’t enough – parking is free – access is simple and by prior notification you can even leave your vans etc overnight (but not you least you want a very early morning encounter with some Alsatians).

There has always been a symbiotic relationship between the Warfare traders and the tournament attendees.  Traders would brace themselves for the lunchtime rush on Saturday and Sunday as the tournament players stopped for lunch and oft forgoing the need for food descended in frenzied fashion to empty their pockets often buying up next year’s army/force/warband/killer model and necessary accessories which will surely be better than this years.

So if you are a new trader or a trader from previous years please get in touch with Dene our new champion of traders here

In addition to our overall sponsors KR Cases/Navarra and Westwind Productions/Forged in Battle several of those traders were kind enough to provide prize support to the tournaments – in fact to the tune of over £7k worth of prizes.  If you wish to provide prize support again or for the first time – get in touch with our tournaments organiser and he will be more than happy to discuss it with you.  Similarly, if you as a trader or manufacturer have a tournament that you feel you will benefit from having run and you have a tournament organiser in mind/can coerce/volunteer then again get in touch or get them to get in touch.

Confirmed traders for Warfare 2024

7th City Collectables – https://7thcitycollectables.com

Athena Miniatures Ltd – https://www.athenaminiatures.co.uk

Beowulf Miniatures Printing – https://www.beowulfminiatures.com

Black Scorpion Miniatures –


Caliver Books – https://www.caliverbooks.com

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio – https://crooked-dice.co.uk

Culverin Models – https://www.culverin-models.co.uk

Deep-Cut Studio –


Empress Miniatures – https://www.empressminiatures.com

essex miniatures – https://www.essexminiatures.co.uk

Gripping Beast Ltd – https://www.grippingbeast.co.uk

Grumpy Gorilla Publications (DMB Games) – https://grumpy-gorilla.co.uk

Heroics & Ros – https://www.heroicsandros.co.uk

Iron Gate Scenery –


KR Cases – https://www.krcases.com

Last Man Last Bullet – https://www.lastmanlastbullet.co.uk

Mili-Art –

Parkfield Miniatures – https://www.parkfieldminiatures.co.uk

Products for Wargamers –


Sarissa Precision – https://sarissa-precision.com

Sheppey Models –


Stonewall Figures – https://www.stonewallfigures.co.uk

The Pit Gaming Shop –

Posh Homepage

Void Scar Miniatures –

Home and Void Scar News

Warlord Games Ltd – https://store.warlordgames.com

Warpaint Figures – https://warpaintfigures.com