To The Strongest

To the Strongest! is a set of simple rules for Ancient and Medieval tabletop wargaming.  It enables a battle to be fought with model soldiers on a dining room table and won or lost in less than two hours. But the rules also support huge battles, with several thousand figures and up to five players a side.  A grid enables players to completely dispense with measurement.  To the Strongest! uses a unique activation system driven by either playing cards or chits. This system introduces uncertainty to a battle; in some turns a unit can move four or five times, and in others not even once. The same deck of cards is used to resolve shooting and melee.  No dice whatsoever need to be rolled!

Back for a second year – this years 25/28mm tournament will again take place on the Saturday and will use TtS! rules, Errata and Even Stronger valid on 05/09/23 (noon). All official current TtS! army lists current at 05/09/23 (noon) will be allowed.

Armies to 135 points with 4 rounds in round robin format.

Rules pack is available here (Revised 10/8)