Field of Glory Ancient and Medieval is a rule set for creating ancient and medieval tabletop battles.

This is a two day event with 2 games per day – exact timetable to follow but much as last year.

This will be an open competition, any army from any of the three online army books. Tables will be 6 foot by 4 or thereabouts.

Points. This is a handicap competition, to level the playing field for less experienced players:

– Group A will have 750 points. These are the players who have appeared in the top 6 of the rankings in recent years. Paul Bartlett, Terry Shaw, Pete Dalby, Paul Longmore, Dave Ruddock, Graham Briggs, David Bannister, Steve Brown, Phil Powell.
– Group B will have 800 points. These are the players who regularly appear high up the rankings, but not in the top 6: Steve Murton, Dave Morrison, Martyn Simpson, David Fairhurst, John Patrick.
– Group C will have 850 points: any player not mentioned above.

All other aspects will remain the same: the usual scoring system, random first round draw where anyone can play anyone except club mates, Swiss chess thereafter (no clubmate matches in round 2 though)]