RPGs – Saturday Afternoon Sessions

The following sessions will be running on the Saturday Afternoon 14:00-18:00 in the Gaming Lounge

All Sessions will be self contained – you need not bring anything other than  your wits.  Sessions will be limited to 6 players and characters will be pregen.

Run by Sean Connors –  Dockside Dogs  a Call of Cthulhu adventure

Six individuals without personal knowledge of each other are brought together to commit a robbery. Each one is assigned a handle to use in place of their Forenames. They are not to discuss any personal information about themselves, where they were born, where they might have served time and the like. Though the heist was carefully planned, the plan falls apart on the day of the robbery. Something went awry. The crew managed to make away with the goods and are on their way to their rendezvous, an abandoned warehouse, to wait for someone to ferry them and the loot across the bay to make the final delivery. The crew must sit tight until midnight when their ferryman is expected to arrive. Until then, no one is to leave the warehouse for any reason.

Fans of a well know Film Director and Cthulhu Mythos will recognise the inspiration.

Tickets for this can be purchased in the Ticket Shop – Don’t forget you will need Show Entry ticket as well


Top Pazio GM Chris Manning will be running a series of Pathfinder and Starfinder Bounty Sessions throughout the afternoon in the Gaming Lounge.

Pathfinder and Starfinder Bounties are short up to one-hour adventures aimed at introducing new players to the game or representing what characters do between bigger Pathfinder and Starfinder missions.

There is no cost to these sessions – pop along and see Chris and sort out sitting in on a session.  Parties will be limited to 6 players per session and will use pre gen characters.