Warfare 2024

Swordpoint Tournament – Player Pack

Warfare, is Reading Wargames Association’s annual show. This year, it is being held on the 16/17th  November 2024 at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre.

Event Information:

Entry is £45 per person and includes show entrance. When booking your tickets please ensure that we have your correct name(s) and email address, so we can keep you informed of any changes to the event.

Army Lists/Period/Rules:

Eligible lists of 1,000 points will be those taken from the following supplements; Dark Age, Charlemagne, Genghis Khan.

The most recent version of the Swordpoint Rules and official errata will be used.

The additional rules will be in effect:

– Open Order archers do not get the additional dice for a second rank firing.

– Troops with the Riding Horses rule or Mounted Infantry may not shoot whilst mounted.

– No artillery may be used.

– At the start of each Initial Phase players may have a maximum of 10 momentum tokens. Any additional tokens are discarded.

Please ensure you have a copy of your list for your opponents and that you share this with them before deployment.


Tickets and player pack are available at –

Swordpoint – Warfare 2024