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Club AGM details

Dear club member
Nominations and the deadline for additional items is now closed, as such the briefing document for members in advance of the AGM is now available, please request if not received on email list (cant post here as contains financials)

There will be a limited number of printed copies at the AGM for those who haven’t got this email.

WAR Committee for 2023
The Nominations for 2023 Committee are:
a. Ian Sewell
b. Peter Smith
c. Ad Vickers
d. James Cameron
e. Steve Watling
f. James Wood
g. Chris Watling
As there are 7 nominations and 7 committee positions there will be no vote for who is on the
committee the above will be the committee and positions will be announced once they have had
chance to meet

David Henderson
“Tireless contributions to the club through out the
year and especially at warfare, organising 4
tournaments and running one over the weekend to
great success.”

Ad Vickers
He goes all out for club members and is always
helpful and friendly”

Steve Johnstone
“running the traders brilliantly”

Ian Sewell
“for his help with many aspects of Warfare & building
all that terrain”
“Work put in at Warfare”

Dave Mather
“Top job in organising competitions at Warfare”
“Picking up and running with the tournament work
for Warfare this year, including taking up the whole
kit and kaboodle rather than just the
historical/ancients as planned. Brilliant work on
communications with competition leads and traders resulting in a big turnout, happy gamers, vast
amounts of prize support and hopefully a bright plan
for bigger and better going forward.“
“Work put in at Warfare”
“for stepping in to run the competitions at Warfare
including negotiating £7k in prize support &

Timeline from now
The AGM will take place on December 7th at 8pm.

Voting forms will be available on the night and an email for online voting will be sent afterwards.

The results will be announced the following week at the club night on December 14th.

Dates for the Diary – Until the end of 2022
We are running up to the end of the year, below are the dates for the diary between now and the end of the year.

7th December – AGM
14th December – AGM Voting Results
21st December – Fish and Chip Night
28th December – Open as normal

Confirmed Open days for 2023 – (Thanks to those that spotted these are for 2023)
All open days are 9am to 4:30pm
12th February
2nd April
28 May
There are more dates to follow we are looking to get a mix of Saturdays and Sundays in for the rest of the year.


Many thanks.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman




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WAR AGM Announcement & Call for Nominations

It is that time of the year again, the AGM will be down the club as it was last year and pre covid. Voting will be possible both in person and remotely. The committee will have a few items for voting at the AGM these will be circulated in the next couple of days to allow for questions from members.

The timeline for the AGM & Nominations is as follows:



From now until 23.00hrs December 4th nominations are open for next year’s committee, any specific items for the AGM agenda and for club member of the year.

The AGM will take place on December 7th at 8pm.


How to Get Involved

You can do all nominations in person down the club on Wednesday, alternatively you can do the online using the forms below:

To Nominate for the 2023 committee please use the form on the link here

To Nominate a member for Member of the year please use the form on the link here

To send in items for the AGM agenda please send a mail to [email protected]


Dates for the Diary – Until the end of 2022

We are running up to the end of the year, below are the dates for the diary between now and the end of the year.

4th December – Committee Nominations close
7th December – AGM
21st December – Fish and Chip Night
28th December – Open as normal

Confirmed Open days for 2023
All open days are 9am to 4:30pm
12th February
2nd April
28 May
There are more dates to follow we are looking to get a mix of Saturdays and Sundays in for the rest of the year.



Many thanks.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman

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Warfare 2022 travel update

Warfare 2022 travel update for Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th
Road works near exhibition centre on weekend of show
Lynchford Road , from North Camp roundabout on A331 will be closed so please come in other route
For Saturday and Sunday we will be using gate F and will be sign posted to the car park next to exhibition hall
For those using sat nav the gate F postcode is GU14 6TQ
More travel info can be found here
Friday 11th
For those setting up on Friday 11th (traders etc) please use Gate A postcode GU14 6FD
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Club Warfare update

Dear club member,

WARFARE 22 Farnborough Exhibition Centre


With Warfare 22  a few weeks away on the weekend of the 11th to 13th of November, this is a note to advise you of the time line for the weekend.


Friday 11 November   – Access to the Exhibition Centre is via Gate A Post Code for Sat Nav GU14 6XE . Please arrive at 13.00hrs to help set up the tables for the traders, competitions and demonstrations, Bring and Buy and other ancillary functions. At 15:00hrs the traders will start unloading and they will need assistance in offloading their vehicles.  Help will also be required assisting the competition organisers with the setting up of their tables . We have to be out of the conference centre by 18:00hrs.


Saturday 12 November – Access to the Exhibition Centre  is via Gate F, Post Code for Sat Nav, GU14 6TQ. Please arrive between 07:30hrs and 08:30 hrs to assist with off loading the traders. Exit from the site is via exit A


Sunday 13 November – Access to the centre is via Gate F. Please arrive anytime between 08:00 and 09:00hrs. A minutes silence will be held at 11:00hrs. The show is likely to be finished by 16:00hrs, and we then have to clear the venue  by 18:00hrs this means clearing all of the terrain away and stacking the table and chairs. Exit from the site is via exit A.


As advised earlier in the year, please remember that if you wish to sell items on the Bring & Buy you will pay 5% commission on any sales made.


Finally, this show is ran  for the benefit of the club members of the Wargames Association of Reading. If you  have not already volunteered for a role over the weekend please speak to one of the committee members or Paul Hays. In particular, please can you ensure  you assist in clearing the show away on the Sunday evening as I sure we all want to get away at a reasonable time.

Steve Watling

Warfare Lead

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WARFARE 2022 – Your club needs you!


Your club needs you!

Dear colleagues,

It’s that time of year when we set up and run one of the biggest wargames shows in the wargames calendar – Warfare 2022 is this one.

Over the years, and I have been a member for over 40 of ‘em in several roles!, we have held this event each year since at least 1979, bar one (thanks to Covid), and we need your help as much as ever to help your club………

You may be aware that the show’s “profit” probably pays for nigh on 4/5ths of our fiscal needs, thus keeping our subs LOW.  Less than £1 per week is bloody good! (‘scuse my French!).

Just about all can have a role in it and I have a need for a dozen (12) of you, or more, to help set up the expected 900 tables in the right place for the traders, competition gamers and demo/participation players.  This is hoped to be from Noon (12:00) on the Friday for up to about 3 hours and from say 16:00 on the Sunday for about 2 hours.  Those physically unable are excused of course, but we might have other roles for you 😊

Those able please do come forward, we really do need you……  Thank you;  Paul Hays

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Club update 5th September

Sunday 21st August was the last weekend gaming date we have for this year. Currently we are working on next year’s days and trying to get a few more in place. It has not been possible to get more dates this year as the parish council prioritise hirers who take regular weekly slots.
The club painting competition is going to be finishing September 5th. if you want to enter or get more details lick here
The Event – November 12th& 13th

Warfare is the clubs annual weekend show case for all aspects of the hobby – or at least those that we can get a critical mass people to organise. It has been running now for 20+ years and is an established part of the wargaming events calendar. This year we are holding it at the Farnborough International Exhibition Center.

The show is made up a number of components:-

  • Trade Show – we will have 70+ traders attend for the weekend
  • Tournaments – last year we had 600 players compete in 20 competitions
  • Demonstration and participation games – clubs from all over the country bring the best games for the public
  • Bring & Buy – one of the UKs largest
  • The venue will provide catering facilities
  • To showcase the hobby & the club
  • To provide an enjoyable event
  • To provide the funds to subsidise the running of the club for the rest of the year
What can I do to help?

To put on an event of this scale requires a lot of effort both before hand and over the weekend. That’s why we often call out the date & ask people to keep it free in their diaries. The planning and preparation work has been underway since we held Warfare 2021! The club has a “Warfare 2022 Organising Committee”. The team leaders for the various aspects of the show will soon be starting to ask for volunteers for each aspect. The main teams and team leaders needing help are:-

Tony – Bring & Buy will need people to do shifts behind the stand – a perfect opportunity to pick up a bargain!
Paul – Build Team will need people to put out the tables & chairs on the Friday & take them down when the show closes on the Sunday – this is a good job to combine with taking part on demos or competitions
Alistair – Help Desk will need people to give directions & answer queries
James – Door will need people to do shifts manning the door
David – Tournaments, he will need hep with assembling terrain, running events and getting people booked in

If you would like to help out above and don’t know who to ask on a club night send a mail to [email protected] and we will give your details to the team leader.

In addition to the kudos of running the event and the benefits of subsidised wargaming all year, those who volunteer to help get vouchers to spend at the show. To get the vouchers please “sign up” with one of the team leaders before the show. Exactly how much the vouchers will be for depend upon how much you contribute and how well we do!

The club chooses a charity for Warfare. Nominations would now be welcome. The charity needs to be able to attend the event. We will give them a free stand and help them run a raffle. Please email [email protected] if you have someone to nominate.
Any nomination will need to have a contact that we can speak to and confirmation that they can attend warfare in November if selected.

Committee nominations are:

  1. Models for Heroes
We are trying to find a Charity that supports Ukraine but we have not found one that can attend to add to the committee nominations, if you know of one please let us know.
Kind Regards

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman

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Club News – Club Terrain cupboard and New Terrain

Club Terrain Tidy Up

Last night 6 of us went through the terrain cupboard and sorted everything out in it. Many thanks to those that came and took part.

We have organised the more generic terrain (Trees, hills, rocky ground, fields, etc) that are used across games systems on the trolleys.
Terrain that is more system specific is on the shelves within the cupboard.

Please be mindful of this and put back the terrain in the box it came from.


New Club Terrain

We are going to be buying some more terrain throughout the year. This will be to replace what was broken beyond repair and to support the games systems that are played down the club or at Warfare.

If you would like to highlight any gaps in the club terrain or suggest a genre of terrain that the club either doesn’t have or is under represented please mail [email protected] with your suggestion. A link to examples of the terrain you suggest would be very helpful to we know what exactly you are looking for.


Kind Regards

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman

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Club Terrain Tidy Up

This newsletter has the latest club news,


Club Terrain Tidy Up

We will be doing a sort out and tidy up of the two store cupboards on the 17th May, starting at 7pm.
It would be great is we can have a few more volunteers to help. There will be free tea and coffee (may be even some biscuits.)  By doing this we can see what terrain needs repairing, or is damaged beyond all hope. This leads us to purchase new terrain which benefits all club members.

If you wish to help please drop me an email at [email protected] FAO: Ad Vickers


Trial Saturday and Club Sundays

As there are not as many club Sundays this year we have decided to put on a trial club Saturday. It will run from 1pm to 9pm on Saturday July 23rd.

Members feedback on timings and concept would be welcomed. If it is well received we  may look to organise a few more before the end of the year.

As a reminder the club Sundays for the remainder of the year are:

  1. June – 5th
  2. July – 31st
  3. August –21st


Kind Regards

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman


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Sunday Club Open days 2022

Club Open Days

In addition to the regular Wednesday night gaming, the club runs a number of Sunday Open Days. These are held monthly from January to October, and the dates for 2020 are:

  • Club open day Sunday’s 9:00 – 1700

Sunday Club Open days 2022

In the spirit of getting back to gaming as normal we have arranged the following club Sundays. Club Sundays will operate like a Wednesday with the same need for booking and layout until the rules change further.
The dates are as follows:

January – none

February – 27th

March – none

April – 24th

May – none

June – 5th

July – 31st

August –  28th

September  -none

October – none

November  – none

December – none

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Club Update – 1st March 2022

Dear Club Member
As you are no doubt aware the government has removed all restrictions, this is how it affects the club. We have some non COVID news as well!
The Removal of COVID Restrictions & Guidelines
Now that all restrictions have been removed there is no longer a requirement to book your table or wear a mask. As such we have removed the booking page and table allocatioon is on a first come first served basis as before COVID restrictions were put in place.
We would ask that you respect members decisions to continue wearing masks if they wish. If you have COVID or symptoms please use your common sense when deciding to come down the club.
Table Layout on a Wednesday
To fit the most members comfortably into a Wednesday night we have put together a guideline table plan that makes use of the additional space in the main hall now that the chairs are in the new store room.
Please click here to download the PDF
Tables are laid out as though they are pairs of standard 6 x 2.5″ trestle tables. If you use a different number of tables in a different layout can you use setup in the purple/blue area so that all the tables are going the same way to make best use of the space.
The plan is not to scale however we have measured it and it will work to have 4 rows of tables across the hall as per the plan.
Membership for 2022
Subs are due for 2022 membership if you haven’t paid your £40 Subs yet please can you do so using the details below:
Bank Transfer: To Wargames Association of Reading, Sort Code: 404739, Account Number: 41223860
Cash: To the Treasurer or a committee member on a Wednesday
Kind Regards
Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman