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Warfare 2021 Demo and Participation Games

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Demo/Participation games 2021 (list subject to change)

  • Aylesbury Wargames Club – WW1 participation game. Knights of the Sky.
  • Boscombe and Amesbury Wargames /Club – Escape from Jurassic Islands
  • Combined Oppo’s Wargames group – French Indian War
  • Chris Smith – Kings of War
  • Deal Wargames Club – Shall We Dance?” – The Boworadet Rebellion, Siam 1933
  • Earlswood Wargames Club – WW2 Dunkirk
  • GLC Games Club – A fistful of bullets’ / Type: A series of western gunfights set in the 1880’s (Saturday Only)
  • Guildford Wargames Club – Battle of Bisley
  • Huntingdon and District Wargames Society – 4mm Battle of Telamon 225BC
  • Jemima Fawr’s Wargames Blog – ‘No Better Place To Die’: The Battle of Murfreesboro 1862
  • WAR Club – “What – Do those Frenchman Fly?”
  • Prince Rupert’s Regiment of Sealed Knot – 28mm English Civil war participation game
  • Society of Ancients – Battle of Paraitacene 316 BC
  • 253 Sqn LHG –  Blood Red Sky
  • Newbury and Reading  Medieval
  • Malvern Old Wargamers -The Last White Rose, Tudor armati
  • Riddle Warriors – Conquest: Last Argument of Kings & Conquest: First Blood
  • Strength and Honour – Strength and Honour demo game (Sunday Only)

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