Warfare 2020 Tournaments

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the postponement of Warfare 2020 to 20201 due to the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 regulations.  We have held on for as long as possible in the hope that the situation for events of this size would normalise, however we now need to make a decision in order to give everyone time to plan their activities in November.

We are moving on to making sure Warfare 2021 will be a success. Warfare 2021 will be on the weekend of November 27th and 28th.  We will have the same Ascot Racecourse venue as was planned for this year and we are committed to making the most of the venue that will combine all the good things we have had in the past along with all of the new things we had planned for this year.

Thank you for your support of Warfare 2020. If you have already been kind enough to send us a deposit or pay for a tournament ticket for 2020 we will roll over your deposit and ticket to 2021. If you feel unable to commit to joining us next year, we will naturally return your deposit or refund your ticket.

Thanks to everyone who has either helped with the planning for this year or who has provided encouragement over the last few months.  Looking forward to a massive Warfare in 2021.

Tournament and Trade organisers will be in contact personally but if you have any queries please mail<>


There will be an increase in Tournaments this year for new venue

Numbers will be subject to change

Ticket prices – £30/player up to 31st August and from 1st September £35/player

Cancellations/refunds – can only be given up to 14th October 2020

Any full tournaments please email to get added to the reserve list

Tournament tickets available here

Additional Tournament tickets will be released as space is made avaiabel at venue (we are amaking more room avaibale just waiting on floor plans from venue)

2020 Tournaments

0k- 78Players
AoS- 40 Players
Bolt Action- 20Players
Black sails -12
Blood red skies -12
MESBG – 72Players
DBMM15* 28 Players
DBMM25- 12 Players
ADLG15- 40Players
ADLG25- 14 Players
MEG- 20 Players
WRG6*- 20Players
FOGR- 10 Players
FOGAM*- 24Players Warfare-2020-FoG-AM-Theme-and-rules
ReG – 12 Players
Saga – 40 Players
Swordpoint- 22Players Warfare-2020-Swordpoint-Player Pack
FoW Late War – English Nationals – 48
Armati 15mm -24 Armati at Warfare November 2020

1 day only tournaments

Tickets are £20 for 1 day tournaments and include 1 day entry to show

Underworlds Tournament (Sun only) 24 players
Warcry Tournament (Sat only) 12 players
Kill team Tournament (Sat only) 12 players

Pictures from 2019


Trader enquiries

Other/General Enquires


Demo/Participation games