Warfare Tournaments

Warfare 2019 Tournaments

Numbers subject to change

Ticket prices – £20/player up to 31st August and from 1st September £25

Cancelations/refunds – can only be given up to 19th October 2019

Any full tournaments please email tournaments@wargamesreading.co.uk to get added to the reserve list

Tickets and rules packs ( coming soon – Early 2019)

2018 tournaments and results

1st Callum Edens

2nd Ed Ball

3rd Ryan Hinch

Free Entry Next Year (wooden Spoon) – Olly Drew

Mortem Et Gloriam 15mm –  Warfare 2018 MEG Theme and rules0
1st – Dave Ruddock
2nd – Peter Dalby
3rd – Phil Powell
1st -Don Clevedon
2nd – Andrew Tories
3rd – Ian Speed

1st Angus Patterson

2nd Carl England

3rd Mike Costello

Wooden Spoon (Free Entry) Peter Gregory

AOS –  AOS Rules pack

1st Greg Davies

2nd Dave Palmer

Joint 3rd David McEllroy/Daniel Farrell

Wooden Spoon (Free Entry) Edward Hamon

Firestorm Armada 
1st – Ian Duff
2nd – Craig Bradford
3rd – David Roberts
25mm WRG 6th edition –  – 1350 pts , Any Army List/Period
1st. Paul Mace. Ch’in Chinese
2nd. Nick Stocks. Alex Macedonian
3rd. Simon Harris. Japanese
Special mention to Jim Redrup
Flames of War Mid War v4 –  Warfare 2018 Tournament Pack Flames of War

1st – Paul Stovell

2nd – Graham Klaka

3rd – Graham Willmott

Wooden Spoon & Free Entry next year – Jon Trenchard

1st    Mike Harding – Ghaznavid

2nd  Dave Pearson – Sassanid

3rd   Bob Stradling – Viking

Paul Lawton free entry for next years show.