Warfare Tournaments

Warfare 2018 Tournaments

Tournaments Spoinsored by KR Multicase and Deep cut Studios

Numbers subject to change

Ticket prices – £20/player up to 31st August and from 1st September £25

Cancelations/refunds – can only be given up to 31st October 2017

Any full tournaments please email tournaments@wargamesreading.co.uk to get added to the reserve list


Tickets and rules packs (Rules packs coming soon)
List and numbers subject to change
Mortem Et Gloriam 15mm –  Warfare 2018 MEG Theme and rules
AOS –  AOS Rules pack
Firestorm Armada – 
25mm WRG 6th edition –  – 1350 pts , Any Army List/Period
Flames of War Mid War v4 –  Warfare 2018 Tournament Pack Flames of War
Tournament locations 2018 Warfare tournament layout