Warfare Traders

Trader List for Warfare 2019

Trader enquiries traders@wargamesreading.co.uk

Invitations go out in January to traders who attended last years show, these traders have until the 31st of May to book a space for Warfare 2019. On 1st June the trade organiser will then start allocating any additional space to new traders who have expressed an interest in trading at Warfare 2018

Trader list Warfare 2019

Update as of 1st November 2019 (subject to Change floor plan Traders Floor Plan121119

Main Hall

Adler & Dark Star Miniatures

Anarchy Models

A&M Army Supplies

Ainsty Castings


Ancient & Modern Xyston

Art of War Shirts


Baccus 6mm

Battlezone Miniatures

Black Scorpion


Cavalier Books

Cerberus Studios

Charlie Foxtrot Minatures

Clive’s Diecast Models

Colonel Bills

Conquest Games

Commission Figurines


Crow Valley Models

Crooked Dice

Daves Wargames

David Lanchester Books

Debris of War

Deep Cut Studio

Eagle Figurines

Ealry War Miniatures

Elite Wargames and Models

Empress Miniatures

Essex Miniatures

Firepower Games

1st Corps/Curteys

Glenbrook Games

Gringo 40’s

Gripping Beast

Ground Zero Games

Grubby Tanks & Redoubt

Helion Books

Heroics & Ros

Instant Armies


KR Multicase

Lancashire Games

Last Valley

Lesley’s Bits Box

Magister Militum

Mantic Games & the Pit


M&C painting services

Monarch Games



Pendraken (Minibits)

Perry Miniatures (Dave Thomas)

Products for Wargamers

S&A Scenics

Sarissa Precision

Second Thunder

Sergeants Mess

Stone Wall Figures

Table Scape

Tiny Wargames

The Scene

The Square


Tumbling Dice


Wargames Illustrated


West Wind Productions Ltd

Katie Thompson Designs

Tiger Miniatures

Commission Figurines


Bring & Buy Room

Great Escape Games

Bad Squiddo Games

Rubicon Models UK


Main Corridor

Show Charity – Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent Hospice

Models for heroes 

Katie L Thompson Design