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Warfare Tournament Ticket Update

Well, this time next week the games will all be up and running but If you are still swithering there are single tickets left for the following tournaments

Saga, Warhammer 40k, Kings of War, Infinity, Flames of War, Swordpoint,  Armati, WRG 6th, Bataille Empire, To the Strongest and Bushido. The last two are one day comps.   Check the others if interested as the situation is constantly evolving.

Tickets for these can all be found here

Other Tournaments can accommodate more players but generally only in pairs – contact [email protected] if interested.

Many traders/companies have kindly provided prize support this year but today I would like to focus on our main sponsors.   Anyone entered or enters can take advantage of the prize support kindly offered by

KR Multicases/Navara are once again (for the seventh time?) generously providing a range of their Transport and Accessory cases across all of the tournaments.


Westwind Productions/Forged in Battle are providing a big box of assorted figure packs that will be distributed across all of the tournaments.

Whilst not a main sponsor this year its worth mentioning Deep-Cut Studios contribution.

They will be providing a prize mat in the following competitions Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Middle-earth SBG, and Bushido.

All of the above the relevant Tournament Organiser will determine how these prizes are allocated and the distribution will vary from Tournament to Tournament.

Furthermore Deep-cut will be providing an exclusive 2d terrain piece measuring around 200mm x150mm in the form of an Orchard/Lemon Grove – this will be provided to all players in the following Tournaments –  ADLG 15&25, DBMM 15&25, FoG, Armati, Bataille Empire, Kings of War, WRG 6th, To the Strongest, Swordpoint, Saga, MeG and ReG.

There is more prize support on offer on a per tournament basis and I’ll be highlighting those in forthcoming bulletins – you can get a feel for these on the Tournaments page and also a first peek at the Orchard as an early draft is on display under the relevant competition.