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WARFARE 2022 – Your club needs you!


Your club needs you!

Dear colleagues,

It’s that time of year when we set up and run one of the biggest wargames shows in the wargames calendar – Warfare 2022 is this one.

Over the years, and I have been a member for over 40 of ‘em in several roles!, we have held this event each year since at least 1979, bar one (thanks to Covid), and we need your help as much as ever to help your club………

You may be aware that the show’s “profit” probably pays for nigh on 4/5ths of our fiscal needs, thus keeping our subs LOW.  Less than £1 per week is bloody good! (‘scuse my French!).

Just about all can have a role in it and I have a need for a dozen (12) of you, or more, to help set up the expected 900 tables in the right place for the traders, competition gamers and demo/participation players.  This is hoped to be from Noon (12:00) on the Friday for up to about 3 hours and from say 16:00 on the Sunday for about 2 hours.  Those physically unable are excused of course, but we might have other roles for you 😊

Those able please do come forward, we really do need you……  Thank you;  Paul Hays