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Warfare 2021 – 27th/28th November @ Ascot & Club News

Warfare 2021 – 27th/28th November @ Ascot

The Warfare team have made great progress with arranging the show.  We have 70+ traders signed up, 600+ competitors preparing their figures, participation games and an advanced ticketing system for door entry.  However all this will be in vain without the support of the club members to prepare and staff the event.  We will need helpers at Ascot from 3:00pm on Friday 26th and on both days of the event.  We will not have to put down a floor nor put out the tables, but there is more effort to coordinate the loading & unloading. There are two ways that you can volunteer; sign up with a particular team or sign up as a general helper which will mean switching between tasks as required.  The people to contact are:-

  • Tony Lennon – Bring & Buy
  • Paul Hayes – Trader Loading & Unloading
  • Alastair – Help point & demonstration games
  • James Baldwin – Door
  • Ian Sewell – Club equipment & transport
  • David Henderson – Setup for Tournaments
  • Steve Watling – General helpers

As in previous years we will be operating the reward voucher scheme for those that contribute.  One change, caused by the size of the site, will be that eligibility for vouchers will be determined by the team leaders and will be gained through working for a period on one or more of the teams.


Club Nights

It has been great to see all those down the club over the last few months, please be aware of the following:

  • Booking – To book for a Club Night please use the booking page available here, we still need this because we need to know who has been down the club
  • Table Setup – We have a layout that we are working to that makes best use of the space and allows some social distancing. Please follow the instructions of any committee members on layout
  • Bar Area/Sindlesham Room (The smaller room) – Numbers down the club in the last couple of weeks have meant that we don’t need to rent the extra space. We are going to have to pay full rate in the next couple of weeks and once we do we will see if numbers mean we need to start renting this. We will use the games booked to help give us a guide for future numbers.
  • Terrain – Any terrain or mats that have been borrowed please can they be returned to the club, we are trying to see how much terrain the club has.


Club Sundays

A reminder about club Sundays for the rest of the year, they are:

September 19th
October 17th
December 12th

Booking for the Sundays is done through the same page as for Wednesday games.


Membership Reminder

If you have not paid your membership this year please use the links to the club store for those who want to use card or PayPal:

For renewing if you were a member last year Click Here
The page is password protected and the password is Discountmember2021$

If you were not a member last year Click Here

We are still taking cash or bank transfer, if you would like to use one of these methods please bring cash down on the first night you attend and for bank details contact


Many thanks and hope you are staying well.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman