Warfare 2021 Tournaments

There will be an increase in Tournaments this year for new venue

Numbers will be subject to change

Ticket prices – £30/player up to 31st August and from 1st September £35/player

Cancellations/refunds – can only be given up to 14th October 2021 (please see the WARFARE Attendee Terms & Conditions 2022 v0.1 (1))

Any full tournaments please email [email protected] to get added to the reserve list

Ascot Venue Covid Rules

WARFARE Attendee Terms Conditions v0.3

Ascot Health and Safety

Tournament tickets available here

Additional Tournament tickets will be released as space is made available at venue (we are making more room avaibale just waiting on floor plans from venue)

2021 Tournaments

40k- 68 Players Warfare2140k

Adeptus Titanicus- 22 Players Warfare21AT
AoS- 42 Players Warfare21AoS
Bolt Action- 38 Players BoltActionWarfare2021
Infinity – 16 Players 2 Day Infinity
MESBG – 72 Players
DBMM15- 30 Players
DBMM25- 12 Players
ADLG15- 46 Players Warfare 2021 TO Pack
ADLG25- 22 Players
MEG- 28 Players
FOGAM- 32 Players Warfare-2020-FoG-AM-Theme-and-rules
ReG- 12 Players
Saga – 34 Players      UK GM Players Pack 2021
Swordpoint- 20 Players Warfare 2021-Swordpoint- Player Pack
FoW Late War  – 48 Players Warfare 2021 Tournament Pack Flames of War Late War

Malifaux UK Nationals- 72 players Malifaux Rules Pack – UK Nationals

Armati 15mm -12 Armati at Warfare November 20200

6th edition


Pictures from 2019


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Demo/Participation games

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