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Tournament Update

With October drawing to a warm close you can almost reach out and touch Warfare 2022. Over in the tournament arena we now have over 400 competitors booked in across 23 tournaments. There are still some tickets available for the competitions and will be so until next Tuesday (Nov 1) when sales will be limited to maintaining/obtaining even numbers.
If you are swithering have a look on the Warfare Tournaments page

Where you can see all of this year’s eclectic mix. You will also see the companies/traders that have very kindly donated prizes and I am delighted to say that the total amount of prize support provided to date this year is now around £3.5k. We will look in more detail around some of these in the run in along with any show and tournament offers.

The order has been placed for this year’s trophies and much like last year’s trophies these will feature WARren the Wyvern. This year WARren will be appearing in a couple of new guises.
So if you are still undecided – you’ve only got a few days left to you get a ticket.
Go on you know it makes sense – what else would you do on a cold November weekend.