Warfare 2022 Mortem et Gloriam – Pacto


These are tickets for  MeG PACTO so 15mm 3000pt

3 games per day

Pacto Games: Sat 0930-1130, 1230-1400, 1500-1630; Sun 0900-1030, 1100-1230, 1500-1630;

Organiser: SH; List checker : NG; Sponsor: Rome Total War

Theme: Armies and Enemies of Rome

The following armies are allowed up to 476CE (i.e. no options allowed only after that date)

Italy: Early Roman or Latin; Etruscan; Italian Hill Tribes; Umbrian; Early Campanian; Magna Graecia; Apulian; Bruttian; Lucanian; Camillan Roman; Samnite; Later Campanian; Later Republican Roman; Spartacus Slave Revolt; Early Imperial Roman; Imperial Roman; Foederate Roman; Later Foederate Roman.

Balkans and Pontic Steppe: Thracian Lowland Tribes; Early Sarmatian; Bosporan; Scordisci; Bastarnae; Dacian or Carpi; Alan; Later Sarmatian; Quadi; Early Vandal; Tervingi; Scirii; Taifali; Heruli; Hunnic; Gothic.

Egypt & Judaea: Meroitic Kushite; Nabatean; Pre-Islamic Arab; Jewish; Late Ptolemaic; Blemmye; Jewish Revolt.

Germany, Gaul & Britain: Highland Gallic; Lowland Gallic; Early German; Ancient British; Scots-Irish; Batavian Revolt; Caledonian; Picts; Early Franks; Burgundi; Alamanni; Suevi; Frisii; Old Saxon; Limigantes; Turcilingi.

Greece & Macedon: Thracian Hill Tribes; Illyrian; Epirote; Pyrrhic; Later Macedonian; Hellenistic Greek.

Persia, Iran and India: Parthian; Parthian Vassal States; Early Sassanid Persian; Middle Sassanid Persian.

Spain, Sicily and Africa: Early Carthaginian; Sardinian; Siciliot Greek; Syracusan; Spanish – Celtiberian; Spanish – Iberian; Spanish – Lusitanian; Numidian or Moorish; Later Carthaginian; First Servile War Slave Revolt; Second Servile War Slave Revolt; Spanish – Sertorian; Pompeian Numidian.

Syria and Asia Minor: Armenian; Cappadocian; Early Seleucid; Late Seleucid; Pontic; Galatian; Palmyran; Later Moorish; Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin

Byzantium: African Vanda; Sabir.

Frankia: Tolosan Visigoth; Armorican or Early Breton.

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Warfare 2022 is on Saturday 12th November 2022 to Sunday 13th November 2022 at Farnborough Exhibition Centre. There is free car parking on site using postcode GU14 6TQ   Gate F

Please make sure you have a copy of your ticket available to get admission. The code on the bottom will be scanned on entry, you can either print it or we can scan the code saved on a phone.

Each ticket is entry for one person and you will be asked to provide the name that will appear on each ticket at checkout. If you wish to change the name on the ticket please contact the club through [email protected] in advance of the event.

Event terms and conditions are available here: https://wargamesreading.co.uk/warfare-2022/