Summer WAAAGH!- AOS Tournament Sunday 31st July


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The Summer WAAAGH! is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar event hosted by us at our regular club venue: Winnersh Community Centre. Over the course of the day you will play 3 games using an Vanguard sized (1000 point) army. Tickets are £15 per player. Refunds are only available for tickets before the 17th July.

0900-0930 Arrival and Registration
0930-1130 Round 1
1130-1215 Lunch Break and Painting Judging
1215-1415 Round 2
1415-1430 Break
1430-1630 Round 3
1630-1700 Pack up and Awards
Missions will be chosen from the General’s Handbook 2022 when it’s released.

What to bring
Your Battle Ready army
At least 2 Copies of your army list
Tape Measure
Wound Markers
Objective Markers
General’s Handbook 2022
Any books or other documents you need to play your army
Pen and Paper for Scoring
Cash (for lunch)

Army Restrictions
Armies can be chosen from any Battletome released prior to the 17th July following the rules set out in the Age of Sigmar rulebook. Lists should be sent to [email protected] by midnight on the 22nd July for list checking. Remember to include you Grand Strategy and all enhancements when submitting your list.

Games will be played on a 60″x44″ playing area. Each board will have roughly 10 pieces of scenery of which 6 will be larger pieces like Azyrite ruins or Wyldwoods, and 4 smaller pieces such as Walls or Barricades.