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This is a ticket for a Pathfinder 2   session run by  on Saturday Morning  09:00-13:00 in the Pioneer 1 Room.  This is for the Session only – you will also need to purchase a Show Entry ticket here.

The Session will be Self Contained – you need not bring anything other than your wits.  Sessions will be limited to 6 players and characters will be pregen.

Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-14: Lions of Katapesh is a  repeatable Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4 Pregen 1st level characters are available

This is beginner friendly and is run by the highly experience organised play GM for Paizo Chris Manning 

Goblin patriarch, merchant, and Pathfinder Society ally Yigrig Moneymaker needs help! The cunning goblin merchant has big plans to build a bridge that will connect two promising trade partners, but something is stirring up the local wildlife and convincing the lions and other predators of the Katapeshi plains that goblins are more tasty than can possibly be true. The PCs must find out who’s responsible for the trials Yigrig’s family faces before the lions of Katapesh devour the entire goblin clan and end the chance for trade between two desert cities.




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Warfare 2023 is on Saturday 11th November 2023 to Sunday 12th November 2023 at Farnborough Exhibition Centre.  There is free car parking on the site using postcode GU14 6TQ Gate F.  For pedestrian access (or taxi) then use Gate B as that is directly in front of the atrium entrance.

Please make sure you have a copy of your ticket available to get admission.  You can either print or show on phone.

Each ticket for entry is for one person and the name above should match the person actually playing in the tournament.

If you wish to change the name on the ticket, please contact the club through mailto:[email protected] in advance of the event