Questionable Loyalties- Adeptus Titanicus Campaign (Sunday 5th June)




Questionable Loyalties is an Adeptus Titanicus Campaign day hosted by us at our regular club venue: Winnersh Community Centre. Over the course of the day you will play 3 games using a 1250 point army. When buying your ticket you will need to specify your loyalty to either the Emperor (Loyalists) or Horus (Traitors). Blackshield players may pledge their allegiance to either. Tickets are £15 per player. Refunds are only available for tickets before the 22nd May.

0900-0930 Arrival and Registration
0930-1130 Round 1
1130-1215 Lunch Break and Painting Judging
1215-1415 Round 2
1415-1430 Break
1430-1630 Round 3
1630-1700 Pack up and Awards

What to bring
Your Battle Ready army
At least 2 Copies of your army list
Tape Measure
Command Terminals
Any books or other documents you need to play your army
Pen and Paper for Scoring
Cash (for lunch)

The Don’t be a Dick section
As this is a campaign day and we want everyone to enjoy themselves please consider if what you will be using is going to be fun for both you and your opponent. We don’t want to change the game too much and stop people from using their toys but anyone who is going against the spirit of the event will be asked to tone their list down or asked to leave. In adition the following house rules will be in effect at the event-
The Writhing Carapace mutation cannot generate a Warp Support Missile
Acastus Knights can only be used by Knight players and are limited to a maximum of 2 units of 1 model.
Princepts Seniores cannot select the Dominant Stratigist trait

Additional information


Emperor (Loyalist), Horus (Traitor)