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WAR of the Ring (Reading) 2018 – Rules Pack


Welcome to the rules pack for the W.A.R of the Ring 2018!

The W.A.R of the Ring is a Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game (SBG) singles tournament held annually at the Warfare wargames convention.

The event is a Great British Hobbit League (GBHL) 100-point counting event.
For more information on the GBHL visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/472128942815892/

Weekend Schedule

Day 1

10am – 11:30am GAME 1
11:30am – 1pm ENJOY THE SHOW!
1pm – 2:30pm GAME 2
2:30pm – 3pm BREAK
3pm – 4:30pm GAME 3

Day 2

9:30am – 11am GAME 4
11am – 12pm ENJOY THE SHOW!
12pm – 1:30pm GAME 5
1:30pm – 2pm BREAK
2pm – 3:30pm GAME 6
3:30pm – 4pm BREAK
Venue, Transport and Accommodation

The event is held at Rivermead Leisure Centre Richfield Avenue, Reading, Berkshire RG1 8EQ

It is a 20-minute walk from Reading Train Station. Pay and display parking is available on site.

Reading has plenty of hotels and b & bs in close vicinity to the venue. Google is your best friend for finding the right place for you.
Army Selection

The W.A.R of the Ring is a singles tournament with a Good vs Evil format.

Therefore, players need to bring TWO armies a Good army AND an Evil Army.
Your Evil army must be selected from a single faction (NO allies allowed) and must be no more than 500 points. Your Good army may contain up to ONE allied warband if you wish. In addition, your armies must have 4 models minimum.

Players MUST submit their army lists by Friday 9th November 2018 to clubbersd@gmail.com
Failure to do so WILL result in a deduction of 1 Major Win from that players Tournament Points.

Conversions and proxies are welcome but must be agreed in advance with a TO beforehand.

Games & Scoring

The pairings for the 1st Game will be randomly decided. Each round thereafter 1st place will play 2nd place (and so on) in a Swiss format. Players CAN play other players more than once.

The scenarios being played will be randomly decided at the start of each round from the 12 found in The General’s Accessories Pack. No scenario can be played twice.

At the start of the 1st game players will decide who is using Good and who Evil. They do this by the youngest player rolling a dice, on a 1-3 they use their Evil and on a 4-6 they use their Good OR if both players agree they can chose who uses Good and who Evil. In the next game players, will use their opposite faction. On the 3rd game players will decide again randomly and so on.

Once time is called players finish the turn they are on.

Games will be played on a 4’ x 4’ board.
Players will earn:

25 Tournament Points (TPs) for a Major Win

20 TPs for a Minor Win

10 TPs for a Draw

5 TPs for a Minor Loss

0 TPs for a Major Loss

At the end of the game players should add up the Victory Points (VPs) they have (as per the scenario conditions). If your score is 7 VPs more than your opponent, you earn a Major Victory and your opponent a Major Loss.
If you score more VPs than your opponent (but the difference is less than 7) you earn a Minor Victory and your opponent a Minor Loss.
If you score the same amount of VPs as your opponent both players earn a Draw.

Players should then give their results into a TO with your result and the VPs scored by each player.

Players will be ranked on their TPs scored. Should players be tied then the decider will be VPs scored and then VP difference.

Awards & Prizes

The following awards and their corresponding prizes are available to be won over the weekend…

1st Place – The highest ranked player at the end of the tournament will win themselves a trophy, a framed certificate to record their glories for all time and earn 100 GBHL-points.

2nd Place – The runner up at the end of the tournament will win themselves a trophy and a framed certificate.

3rd Place – The player in third place at the end of the tournament will win themselves a trophy and a framed certificate.

Best Themed – The player who receives the most Best Themed army votes will win themselves a WETA Workshop Strider sculpture and a framed certificate.

Most Sporting – The player who receives the most Best Sporting votes will win themselves (thanks to our show’s generous sponsor https://www.krmulticase.com/) a KR Multicase and a framed certificate.

Best Middle Earth Board – Do you own some stunning Tolkien Terrain? Do you have mad Middle Earth building hobby skills?
We love playing SBG on stunning aesthetic boards and are offering you the chance to showcase to us what you’ve got!
Thanks to generous sponsorship from Deepcut Studios (http://www.deepcutstudio.com/) we have a gaming mat to give away as the prize!!!!
Entry is limited to 1 board per attendee and there is a max of 15 spaces available on a first come first served basis. All boards must be agreed in advance with David Clubley at clubbersd@gmail.com ,the TOs reserve the right to refuse any board.

Best Painted Good – The Good army with the most Best Painted votes will win themselves 6 custom White Tree of Gondor dice as well as a framed certificate.

Best Painted Evil – The Evil army with the most Best Painted votes will win themselves 6 custom Eye of Sauron dice as well as a framed certificate.

Spot Prizes – A range of spot prizes will be available over the course of the weekend so keep your eyes peeled for more info.


Then you can buy tickets through the club website https://www.wargamesreading.co.uk/product-category/wartickets/ (Be sure to leave your name!) Tickets are £20 if purchased before 31st August. After which they are £25. No refunds will be given after the 31st October.

50 spaces are available. Places can NOT be reserved sorry, it is a first come, first served system.

If no places are left or if you have any questions please contact one of the TOs: David Clubley clubbersd@gmail.com or Ben Clewer benclewer@hotmail.com

More information and a list of attendees can be found via our Facebook event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/387557661674020/
Warfare Wargames Convention

Unlike other SBG events this tournament is held alongside Warfare, the UKs largest 2 day wargaming show!

So what does that mean for you?

Bring and Buy

Warfare boasts one of the largest bring and buys you will ever see, with everything to be found there from wargames models of all types imaginable (including SBG!), terrain, board games and books.
Players are welcome to bring their own wargames wares to sell over the weekend. For more information on this visit https://www.wargamesreading.co.uk/warfare/bring-and-buy/


Demonstration & Participation Games

As much effort as possible has been made to allow plenty of time in the schedule for players to enjoy the show.
One of the best ways to do this is to take part in one of the many amazing participation games around the show or watch one of the inspiring demonstration games going on.
Over the years these have included highlights such as Easy Company’s attack on Foy, a Roman Chariot Racing Game and a what-if Siege of Edoras!

Traders Hall

The main hall is packed with traders selling all manner of wargames supplies of all different eras and games!


As well as an SBG tournament there are plenty of other tournaments for you to check out: Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Flames of War, SAGA, Firestorm Armada…






The venue has 2 canteens offering food and drink as well as a burger van in the car park. There is a petrol station a 5 minute walk away and players are welcome to bring their own food and drink as well.


With all this it is worth bearing in mind that there is no cash machine at the venue and a lot of places (the Bring and Buy included) will only accept cash so make sure to bring some with you!
The nearest cash point is available at the petrol station down the road.


For more information on Warfare visit https://www.wargamesreading.co.uk/warfare/
Saturday Evening Meal Social

As usual there will be a meal on the Saturday evening at the Toby Carvery (next door to the venue). More information will be released via the Facebook page about this nearer the time or feel free to contact a TO.











Look forward to seeing you on the 17th and 18th November J

David & Ben

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