Flames of War Mid War v4 Warfare Tournament


Flames of War Mid War v4 Warfare Tournament

Warfare 2018 Tournament Pack Flames of War

Warfare 2018

Flames of War Tournament Information


Warfare Information:

Warfare, is Reading Wargames Association’s annual wargames show and is one of the largest in the country. This year, it is being held on the 17th and 18th November 2018.


Traders will be confirmed over the year, but we expect to have more than 70 of them. In addition, our ever popular (and huge) bring and buy will be present.


General Admission Opening times:

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 4pm


Event Information:

You can enter online at: www.wargamesreading.co.uk/product-category/wartickets/

Entry is £20 until September, rising to £25.

When booking your tickets please ensure that we have your correct name(s) and email address, so we can keep you informed of any changes to the event.

Cancelations/refunds – can only be given up to 31st October 2018.

There will be awards.


For any more information please contact:



Travel Information:

Travel Information by bus, cycle or car can be found at:


Address:  Rivermead Leisure Centre, Richfield Ave, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8EQ








Flames of War Tournament Schedule:


  • 08:00 Hall open for player table set-up
  • 08:15 Player registration open
  • 08:45 Player brief & round one draw
  • 09:00 First round start


  • 12:45 Second round start
  • 15:45 Third round start


  • 09:15 Fourth round start


  • 12:45 Fifth round start
  • 15:30 Pack-up
  • 15:50 Awards


Army Lists/Period:

All official Early War v4 adapted books are available, as included in the Flames of War Special Rules and Warriors 1939-41 & 1943-45 book.

Raiding Forces and the use of Forts are not permitted.

Early-War forces must not exceed 1440 points.

All official Mid War v4 books, command cards and v4 adapted books published by 1st November 2018 are available.

Mid-War forces must not exceed 88 points.


House Rules:

Rules:  Flames of War version 4 and any official v4 publication or errata published by 1st November 2018.


Game Duration:  Each round will run for a maximum of two and three quarter hours.

Time will be called approximately 15 minutes before the end of each round.

Games started after the official start time must finish at the same time as if the game had started on time.



Army lists:  Must be submitted for checking to WarfareFOW@gmail.com by Monday 5th November 2018.  Once submitted the list may not be changed, except to correct errors within reason as agreed with the list checkers.

The format should be either Forces of War or similar presentation.  A printed copy of your list as submitted must be made available for your opponent during play, separate from your own copy.


Draw:  The Goettinger Pairing program will be used.  We will prioritise Allies versus Axis where possible.


Tables:  Size will be 6’ x 4’.

Terrain will be prepared by the tournament organisers and nominated individuals.


Commencing:  Once a round’s draw is published players may commence play earlier than the published time by mutual consent.

See Late Arrivals for effect of not starting on time.

Players should present their opponent with a copy of their army list before determining the mission, then if requested explain who and what their models are to their opponent when placing them on the table.


Missions:  We will be using Flames of War More Missions and Battle Plans pack.  This can be downloaded from the Flames of War website.  We will not be using Fog of War objective cards.

Should the occasion arise that both players have already played the mission drawn during the tournament, the result can be rerolled, the new result stands.


Pre-Ranged in Bombardments:  Each pre-ranged in bombardment marker must clearly indicate to which unit it belongs, the exception of there being but a single battery/team. Those pre-ranged in markers that do not clearly indicate to which unit they belong are forfeit.


Incomplete Game:  Time will be called approximately 15 minutes before time is up.

When time is called, players are to even up the bound, with the result that each player will have completed the same number of turns.

A new turn should not be started unless it is to reach the minimum number of turns for victory conditions to be live, these turns are subject to Blitz Moves.

Blitz Moves limits each player to 60 seconds each turn to complete their movement phase.  Players should inform an umpire when Blitz Moves apply.



Scoring & Placing:  Flames of War v4 scoring modified as follows;

+1 for contesting an objective outside of your starting area at game end, or, for the defender in a NON-Meeting Engagement mission for preventing the attacker contesting an objective at game end.

+1 for destroying half or more of your opponent’s units, excluding independent teams.

+1 for breaking an opponent’s formation.

Maximum possible score available each round is capped at 10.


Late arrival:  30 minutes after the round start the game will be awarded to the opponent (provided they are present), who will be awarded the maximum Flames of War score.  Both players may choose to play a friendly non-scoring game there afterward, to finish at the same time as if the game had started on time.


Ties:  In the event of a tie, if the players concerned have fought one another the victor will be placed higher, then the player with the most wins, then the player with the most 8/1 wins and then the one with the most bonus points.


Umpires:  Will be on hand to provide rulings, Flames of War tournament organiser decisions are final.


Army painting and WYSIWYG:

Models:  Must be a reasonably representation of the troops they are to represent, they must not be deliberately misleading.

All models should be painted to a reasonable standard and must be based in accordance with the rules.

Players must each have two objectives in accordance with the rules with them.

Flights must field the stated number of aeroplanes (impacts potential AA fire).

Aircraft on non-standard flight stands are not acceptable; please bear this in mind when compiling your force (LOS is to and from the flight stand, not base).


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