Fields of Glory AM v3 15mm Warfare Tournament


Fields of Glory AM v3 Warfare Tournament

Warfare 2018 FoG AM Theme and rules

Warfare 2018 FOG: AM 15mm




  1. Theme: 1066 And All That – 15mm, 900points, 6’ x 4’-ish tables


Army date must be post 1066AD


Armies must be chosen from the new version Army Books, published 2018, if a new version of that army-list have been published.    For armies that are not in the new book 1 or 2, use the old army lists. When submitting the army list, please say which book it comes from


Many medieval armies in the old lists will have Pole Arm rather than Heavy Weapon in the new book 3. Therefore, for armies in the old books, the following rules apply:


You MUST take troops listed as Heavy Weapon as Pole Arm in the following circumstances:

  • If the TROOP NAME column in the lists has the troops as being dismounted knights, men at arms, anti-cavalry squads, billmen, halberdiers, Polearms, Voulgiers or landsknecht and the close combat capability is listed as Heavy Weapon.
  • Knights which would dismount as heavy weapon instead dismount as Pole Arm.
  • If you select a Later Medieval Danish, Later Medieval Swedish, Japanese, Jin or Korean army all troops listed as Heavy Weapon must be taken as Pole Arm.
  • Later Low Countries Plancon wielders and Chinese spear and dao troops who are listed as Heavy Weapon may either ALL remain Heavy Weapon or ALL be taken as Pole Arm


  1. Entries


Tickets can only be purchased through the Warfare website. The organisers reserve the right in their absolute discretion to transfer unsold seats if there is a waiting list for another ruleset.


E-mail enquiries: may be sent to David Clubley ( or Tim Child (


Admission to the tournament is at the sole discretion of the organisers and their decision on all matters is final. An application to enter denotes acceptance of these rules.


3.         Rules


The rules to be used are the latest published Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval rules, together with the published errata.


4.         Lists


The list-checker will be Tim Child.  See e-mail above for contact details.


The list submitted must not exceed the points specified and be as permitted by the Theme.


Army lists must specify the number and size of battle groups and their order of march for deployment, and the number and type of commanders chosen. They should also include the territory list for the army. Once an army list has been submitted it may not be changed or altered other than to correct any errors. Players may only correct their errors by making reasonable changes to their list. It is not allowed to completely re-write the list, and the list checkers decision on this is final.


The competition is single list format. Any incorrect list discovered after a game has commenced (after set up dice have been rolled) must be corrected prior to deployment if spotted in time, and fully corrected in any case before the next match.


Army lists must be submitted for checking in advance and must be received by Tim not later than 26 October 2018.




  1. Timetable (applies to all FOG, MEG and DBMM competitions)



Check-in:   8.30 am to 9.15 am (The earlier everyone gets here, the earlier we can get through check-in and “let the games begin”)

Round 1:   9.30 am to 12.45 pm

Lunch:  12.45 pm to 1.45 pm (meals are available from the café on site, but there can be long waits – if possible, find someone to take an order for you)

Round 2:  1.45 pm to 5.00 pm



Round 3:  9.00 am to 12.15 pm (n.b. earlier start-time than Saturday)

Lunch: 12.15 pm to 1.15 pm

Round 4:  1.15 pm to 4.30 pm

Prizegiving:  As soon as we can work it out!


Tables will be numbered and the draw for the next round will be published as soon as we can.  Once they know their opponent, players can always commence games earlier by mutual consent.



6.         Competition rules


  1. The scoring system will be the standard FOG 0-25 tournament system.


  1. A modified Swiss Chess system will operate throughout the competition. Players may not play against fellow club players in the first 2 rounds, nor players whom they have played in earlier rounds, nor against any relatives in the first degree of consanguinity. Thus an entrant cannot be matched against his/her spouse, parent, brother, sister, and/or child (unless both entrants specifically inform us beforehand that you would like to have this rule disapplied to yourselves).


  • Players must fully define their troops as they are placed on table. Figures must provide a reasonably accurate representation of the troops they are trying to represent – they must not look deliberately misleading.


  1. Table size: The tables will be approximately 6′ x 4’.  Players must supply their own terrain pieces. These must be to an acceptable standard, and umpires will have the discretion to remove unsightly items. In addition all figures must be representative and painted and based to an acceptable standard.


  1. Players must be present and ready to start the match at the appointed time. Where a player has a reasonable excuse for arriving late the match start will be delayed by up to 15 minutes, after which time the affected player will be awarded a bye.


  1. If a player resigns from a game at any stage after the first set-up dice have been rolled the game will be scored as if the resigning player’s army had been routed at that point. Players are expected to play their games to a conclusion if they may have any relevance to final placings, as a courtesy to other competitors.


  • When time is called play will continue only until the end of the current phase, regardless of whose turn it is.


  • Time will be called after 3 hours 15 minutes (n.b. Warfare is shorter than the “standard” 3 hours 30 minutes) plus or minus 0 – 5 minutes. The random factor will be determined by the umpire prior to the start of the round, and will not be revealed until the announcement is made. Players may always commence games earlier than the stated time by mutual consent.

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