Bolt Action Warfare Tournament


Bolt Action Warfare Tournament




 Contact/Army lists –

This pack should contain everything you need to know in preparation for the event:

  • event overview
  • army lists
  • missions, games, schedule and scoring
  • what you need
  • useful info
  • contact details

For this event we’d like to encourage players to

choose a1000pt  theme when assembling their forces,

choosing an army to represent a specific period or

battle (a reinforced platoon from Johnny Frost’s

Battalion at Arnhem – or maybe a zug from the 21st

Panzer Division in North Africa, 1941). But if all you

want is a force that looks right for the time and place

for your chosen nation, that’s fantastic too. If

historical research isn’t your strong suit, then simply

choose a theatre selector from one of the books and

use that as a guideline. Remember, this is aimed at

improving everyone’s enjoyment: it’s not meant to be

a chore!

This is an open event, so forces will likely be

mismatched historically during most games, but this

shouldn’t detract from the pleasure of facing

interesting thematic armies fielded by your


  • While we expect this event to be competitive,

please turn up with a good attitude and everyone

will have a better time. The Bolt Action

community is a friendly and open one: let’s carry

that into how we conduct ourselves during


  • All forces are expected to be fully painted and

based: models don’t need to be produced by

Warlord Games, but should clearly depict

whatever unit choices they represent (no

unrealistic proxies).

  • Prizes will be awarded for painting/theming and

sportsmanship to reward outstanding effort in

these areas.




Army lists

  • 14 order dice cap.

.1000 pt

  • Forces may be built from one reinforced

infantry platoon, no armoured platoons

remember that some larger

artillery pieces require tows to move (and

therefore to enter the board in some missions).


  • Generic reinforced platoons or theatre selectors

are allowed, but may not be mixed within the

same force.

  • Pick a nation from any of the forces currently

represented in Warlord Games publications: the

Armies of…’, Theatre and Campaign

books and any official PDF lists.

  • Special Characters, Crew Experience, War

Reporters and Warplanes will not be used in the





All missions in the event will be taken from the main

Bolt Action 2ed rulebook and will be announced on

the day. A new mission will be played across all

tables in each round. Bear in mind that some missions

are won by killing units, while others require players

to attack or defend certain objectives: make sure your

force can cope with these varied demands (for

instance, high numbers of low-cost units will be good

for spreading out to claim objectives, but will

potentially be a liability in missions where an

opponent gets points for unit kills).

  • All games will last 2 hours.
  • A five-minute warning will be given before the

end of each round: no further turns may be

started after this point and games end if all dice

are drawn from the bag.

  • Once final time is called for the end of the round,

all games must end and no further turns are to be

played: resolve the current order dice and end

the game, judging victory conditions as the game

currently stands.

  • Each table will feature a secondary objective.

These will be fixed markers, and placed by the

tournament organisers prior to each round




beginning. This objective awards an extra

tournament point for a player who controls it at

the end of the game (not to be confused with

victory points to win a particular mission). A

secondary objective is won if you have an

infantry or artillery unit in base contact with it

at the end of the game and your opponent does

not. Secondary objectives help to divide the

pack when it comes to looking at the

tournament standings at the end – and also give

players an extra focus during missions (even if

you’re losing the main mission, you could still

go for the secondary).








Arrival and Registration: from 08:15

Player Briefing: 08:45

Game 1: 09:00 – 11:00

Break: 30 Minutes

Game 2: 11:30 – 13:30

Lunch: 1 hour

Game 3: 14:30 – 16:30


Game 4: 09:30 – 11:30

Break: 30 mins

Game 5: 12:00 – 14:00

Prize Ceremony: 14:15






  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a Draw
  • 0 points for a Loss
  • 1 point for a secondary

objective held at the end

of the game

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • 1st/2nd/3rd Place
  • Best Painted
  • Wooden Spoon






Contact details:








What you’ll need


  • Fully painted army with models clearly depicting

what they represent. On opponent’s request all

unit types should be explained before the start of

the game (e.g. These Germans are

Volksgrenadiers and have the following rules…),

as should army national rules.

  • A clear, printed copy of your army list that can be

shown to your opponent upon request.

  • Main rulebook and copy of any supplements or

PDFs used to build your force.

  • Order dice, dice bag or similar, pin markers, tape

measure, smoke markers (if necessary), templates,

pen + paper for recording outflankers, etc.

  • Suggested: a tray to carry your army around,

markers to show destroyed/damaged vehicles,

spare order dice in case your opponent has the

same colour, etc.

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