Bolt Action Open Day Tournament – July 23rd 2022


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Bolt Action Open Day Tournament – July 23rd 2022

1 day Bolt Action Tournament – Saturday 23rd July

Tickets – £15

Tournament Pack to follow

Tournament Pack to follow
1300 – Registration & Unpack (15 Minutes)
1315 – Debrief (15 Minutes)
1330 – Game 1 (120 Minutes)
1530 – Game 2 (120 Minutes)1730 – Break (45 Minutes)
1815 – Game 3 (120 Minutes)
2015 – Pack Up (30 Minutes)
2045 – Battle Reports and Winners (15 Minutes)
2100 – GET OUT!

Winnerch Community Hall

1 New Rd,


Wokingham RG41 5DX



Army lists, we’d like to be sent, 2 weeks before the event.
SPAM and WAAC lists will be rejected. (SPAM = Bring a massive army of all one thing : WAAC = Win At All Costs, a combo list designed to be unbeatable due to obscure rules or loophole rules)
• 9 order dice cap. 1000 Points,
Themes are welcome for extra points.
• Forces may be built from: Two reinforced platoons but must have One Officer and 2 Infantry per-platoons and no armoured/tank platoons.
• Generic reinforced platoons or Theatre Selectors are allowed but, may not be mixed within the same force. (In layman’s, this means no mixing Army Book with a Campaign Book)
• Pick a nation from any of the forces currently represented in Warlord Games publications: “The Armies of…”, Theatre and Campaign books, any official PDF lists and will be using the January 2021 Errata rules from Warlord.
• Special Characters, Crew Experience, War Reporters and Warplanes are excluded from selections!

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