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Escalation of WAR

Sunday 17th Marc2019 – Winnersh Community Hall,  Mole Rd, Sindlesham, Wokingham RG41 5DU

Escalation of WAR is a fun 1 day 40k event. During the course of the day you’ll play 4 games with an army of increasing points using missions from the Chapter Approved book. Tickets are £12 and can be purchased from the WAR website. <Insert link here>




Arrival and Registration 0845-0910

Briefing 0910-0915

Game 1 (400pts) 0915-1000

Game 2 (800pts) 1015-1130

Game 3 (1200pts) 1145-1330

Lunch 1330-1400

Game 4 (1600pts) 1400-1615

Awards etc. 1630ish



What to bring

Yourself (although if you manage to turn out without this important item we may take pity on you…)

Your army

Any books/FAQs you need to play your army (if stored electronically please ensure your device is fully charged)

Chapter Approved 2017

A copy of each of your 4 army lists


Tape Measure

Tactical Objective Cards

6 objectives (numbered 1-6)

Glue (for those annoying breakages)



Army Composition

Any codexes released by 1st March may be used. Forge World models and armies may also be used.

Due to the escalating nature of the event you will need to submit 4 separate army lists, one for each points levels, however the following rules apply;

All units included in lower points level lists must be used completely unchanged (this includes relics, warlord traits, psychic powers etc.) at higher levels. So your 1600 point list must include all the units from your 1200 point list which must in turn contain all the units from your 800 point list etc.

You can’t bank points between lists. Any points not spent at each level are lost, so if you’re 400 point list only comes to 395 points your 800 point list will be a maximum of 795 etc.

In game 1 you may only use a single patrol detachment.

In game 2 you may only use a single detachment (although this may be of any type)

In games 3 and 4 you may only use a maximum of 2 detachments (again of any types)


All lists should be emailed to djhendrsn@googlemail.com by midnight on the 8th March for checking. All lists should include all psychic powers, warlord traits etc. and should also include the list of 6 cards you are removing from your deck using the refined strategy rule (these must be the same in both games 3 and 4).



Painting and Modeling

Please ensure that all the models in your army are WYSIWYG as a minimum requirement. Please note that WYSIWYG includes your choice of keywords (ie if your army is pink then it is not Ultramarines, and if your army is modelled as Cadians then it is Cadian etc). Painting is highly encouraged and there will be a best painted award but as this is a more relaxed event fully painted is not a requirement, but there will be some benefits for players who bring fully painted and based armies to the event.




We will be using the following missions for the event. N.B. The first 2 games will be played on a 4×4 table. The final 2 games will use a full 6×4 table.


Mission 1- Narrow the Search (pg.49 CA2018), Deployment- Search and Destroy

Mission 2- The Four Pillars (pg.51 CA2018), Deployment- Dawn of War

Mission 3- Strategic Gamble (pg.56 CA2018), Deployment- Vanguard Strike

Mission 4- Tactical Cascade (pg.57 CA2018), Deployment- Spearhead Assault




Rather than having prizes for 1st 2nd etc this year there will be a prize raffle. Every player will be given 5 (virtual) tickets at the start of the day. You will then receive 1 additional ticket for each game you win and bonus tickets for having a painted army (and more still if you win best painted) etc. In the unlikely event you are found to be a poor sport you may be docked tickets but we won’t have to do this as you’re all going to be excellent sports.