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Club Open Days 2020

Club Open Days 2020

In addition to the regular Wednesday night gaming, the club runs a number of Sunday Open Days. These are held monthly from January to October, and the dates for 2020 are:

(These will be confirmed by the 2020 committee in January 2020)

  • Club open day Sunday’s 9:00 – 17:00
    19 January
    23 February
    22 March
    19 April
    17 May
    28 June
    26 July
    23 August
    18 October

We Also will have 3 Tournament Weekends next year where we will hold 40 to 80 player tournaments at the club over the weekend (more details to come

  •  Tournament Weekends (tournaments only)(Fri 18:00 – midnight / Sat 9:00 – midnight / Sun 9:00 – 17:00)24 – 26 January MESBG doubles tournament
    3-5 July Bomt Action tournament
    25-27 Sept TBC (possibly FOW)
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committee 2019

Committee 2019

The club has a committee which is elected every year by the membership. Any club member is entitled to stand for election.

Alistair Osborne Chairman/Communications
Ian Macey Treasurer
Robert Grant publicity/tournaments No2
Paul Fadden Traders
Chris Watling Vice Chairman/Club Secretary
Steve Johnston Demo and Part games
David Henderson Tournament organiser
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2019 Club Membership Fees

2019 Club membership now due

membership fees for 2019 are now due, you can pay via

1. Cheque (make payable to Wargames Association of Reading) – please give to Ian Macey at club
2. Bank transfer (please see Ian Macey – Treasurer for bank details
3. Paypal via web site –…/war-club-1-year-member…/

2019 fees as confirmed with membership at AGM and current committee is £40/year

Many Thanks

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Committee – Voting 2019

Committee – Voting
its that time of year to vote for the 2019 committee, below are names submitted, voting is set for the AGM on 12th December and results will be posted

You need to select up to 7 names you would like to be on the committee, you can vote on the night or submit via proxy to

votes will be counted by non voting member (not a committee member or some one standing ) and they will hand us the results

nominated names for 2019 committee:
Alistair Osborne
Steve Johnston
Andy Watkins
Ian Macey
Chris Watling
David Henderson
Rob Grant
Richard Randall
Paul Faddon
Colin Bright