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Club News – Club Terrain cupboard and New Terrain

Club Terrain Tidy Up

Last night 6 of us went through the terrain cupboard and sorted everything out in it. Many thanks to those that came and took part.

We have organised the more generic terrain (Trees, hills, rocky ground, fields, etc) that are used across games systems on the trolleys.
Terrain that is more system specific is on the shelves within the cupboard.

Please be mindful of this and put back the terrain in the box it came from.


New Club Terrain

We are going to be buying some more terrain throughout the year. This will be to replace what was broken beyond repair and to support the games systems that are played down the club or at Warfare.

If you would like to highlight any gaps in the club terrain or suggest a genre of terrain that the club either doesn’t have or is under represented please mail [email protected] with your suggestion. A link to examples of the terrain you suggest would be very helpful to we know what exactly you are looking for.


Kind Regards

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman

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Club Terrain Tidy Up

This newsletter has the latest club news,


Club Terrain Tidy Up

We will be doing a sort out and tidy up of the two store cupboards on the 17th May, starting at 7pm.
It would be great is we can have a few more volunteers to help. There will be free tea and coffee (may be even some biscuits.)  By doing this we can see what terrain needs repairing, or is damaged beyond all hope. This leads us to purchase new terrain which benefits all club members.

If you wish to help please drop me an email at [email protected] FAO: Ad Vickers


Trial Saturday and Club Sundays

As there are not as many club Sundays this year we have decided to put on a trial club Saturday. It will run from 1pm to 9pm on Saturday July 23rd.

Members feedback on timings and concept would be welcomed. If it is well received we  may look to organise a few more before the end of the year.

As a reminder the club Sundays for the remainder of the year are:

  1. June – 5th
  2. July – 31st
  3. August –21st


Kind Regards

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman


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Sunday Club Open days 2022

Club Open Days

In addition to the regular Wednesday night gaming, the club runs a number of Sunday Open Days. These are held monthly from January to October, and the dates for 2020 are:

  • Club open day Sunday’s 9:00 – 1700

Sunday Club Open days 2022

In the spirit of getting back to gaming as normal we have arranged the following club Sundays. Club Sundays will operate like a Wednesday with the same need for booking and layout until the rules change further.
The dates are as follows:

January – none

February – 27th

March – none

April – 24th

May – none

June – 5th

July – 31st

August –  28th

September  -none

October – none

November  – none

December – none

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Club Update – 1st March 2022

Dear Club Member
As you are no doubt aware the government has removed all restrictions, this is how it affects the club. We have some non COVID news as well!
The Removal of COVID Restrictions & Guidelines
Now that all restrictions have been removed there is no longer a requirement to book your table or wear a mask. As such we have removed the booking page and table allocatioon is on a first come first served basis as before COVID restrictions were put in place.
We would ask that you respect members decisions to continue wearing masks if they wish. If you have COVID or symptoms please use your common sense when deciding to come down the club.
Table Layout on a Wednesday
To fit the most members comfortably into a Wednesday night we have put together a guideline table plan that makes use of the additional space in the main hall now that the chairs are in the new store room.
Please click here to download the PDF
Tables are laid out as though they are pairs of standard 6 x 2.5″ trestle tables. If you use a different number of tables in a different layout can you use setup in the purple/blue area so that all the tables are going the same way to make best use of the space.
The plan is not to scale however we have measured it and it will work to have 4 rows of tables across the hall as per the plan.
Membership for 2022
Subs are due for 2022 membership if you haven’t paid your £40 Subs yet please can you do so using the details below:
Bank Transfer: To Wargames Association of Reading, Sort Code: 404739, Account Number: 41223860
Cash: To the Treasurer or a committee member on a Wednesday
Kind Regards
Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman
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Please sign up for club updates

+++ Club Members +++
Hi All,
It has become increasingly apparent that posting on Facebook and the website is not enough to get everyone at the town halls and see announcements as a lot of our members don’t use Facebook. To this end we have setup a mailing list using a company called mailchimp. The basic version we have signed up for is free and includes settings to make it GDPR compliant.
In order for people to register they need to sign up using the below link. At which point we will check them against the membership list and if they are not there we will offer them to pay and join or we will boot them off the list.
We plan to use the list so that we can announce what’s happening with the club re opening, Warfare and town halls.