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Club update 5th September

Sunday 21st August was the last weekend gaming date we have for this year. Currently we are working on next year’s days and trying to get a few more in place. It has not been possible to get more dates this year as the parish council prioritise hirers who take regular weekly slots.
The club painting competition is going to be finishing September 5th. if you want to enter or get more details lick here
The Event – November 12th& 13th

Warfare is the clubs annual weekend show case for all aspects of the hobby – or at least those that we can get a critical mass people to organise. It has been running now for 20+ years and is an established part of the wargaming events calendar. This year we are holding it at the Farnborough International Exhibition Center.

The show is made up a number of components:-

  • Trade Show – we will have 70+ traders attend for the weekend
  • Tournaments – last year we had 600 players compete in 20 competitions
  • Demonstration and participation games – clubs from all over the country bring the best games for the public
  • Bring & Buy – one of the UKs largest
  • The venue will provide catering facilities
  • To showcase the hobby & the club
  • To provide an enjoyable event
  • To provide the funds to subsidise the running of the club for the rest of the year
What can I do to help?

To put on an event of this scale requires a lot of effort both before hand and over the weekend. That’s why we often call out the date & ask people to keep it free in their diaries. The planning and preparation work has been underway since we held Warfare 2021! The club has a “Warfare 2022 Organising Committee”. The team leaders for the various aspects of the show will soon be starting to ask for volunteers for each aspect. The main teams and team leaders needing help are:-

Tony – Bring & Buy will need people to do shifts behind the stand – a perfect opportunity to pick up a bargain!
Paul – Build Team will need people to put out the tables & chairs on the Friday & take them down when the show closes on the Sunday – this is a good job to combine with taking part on demos or competitions
Alistair – Help Desk will need people to give directions & answer queries
James – Door will need people to do shifts manning the door
David – Tournaments, he will need hep with assembling terrain, running events and getting people booked in

If you would like to help out above and don’t know who to ask on a club night send a mail to [email protected] and we will give your details to the team leader.

In addition to the kudos of running the event and the benefits of subsidised wargaming all year, those who volunteer to help get vouchers to spend at the show. To get the vouchers please “sign up” with one of the team leaders before the show. Exactly how much the vouchers will be for depend upon how much you contribute and how well we do!

The club chooses a charity for Warfare. Nominations would now be welcome. The charity needs to be able to attend the event. We will give them a free stand and help them run a raffle. Please email [email protected] if you have someone to nominate.
Any nomination will need to have a contact that we can speak to and confirmation that they can attend warfare in November if selected.

Committee nominations are:

  1. Models for Heroes
We are trying to find a Charity that supports Ukraine but we have not found one that can attend to add to the committee nominations, if you know of one please let us know.
Kind Regards

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman