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Club News – Club Terrain cupboard and New Terrain

Club Terrain Tidy Up

Last night 6 of us went through the terrain cupboard and sorted everything out in it. Many thanks to those that came and took part.

We have organised the more generic terrain (Trees, hills, rocky ground, fields, etc) that are used across games systems on the trolleys.
Terrain that is more system specific is on the shelves within the cupboard.

Please be mindful of this and put back the terrain in the box it came from.


New Club Terrain

We are going to be buying some more terrain throughout the year. This will be to replace what was broken beyond repair and to support the games systems that are played down the club or at Warfare.

If you would like to highlight any gaps in the club terrain or suggest a genre of terrain that the club either doesn’t have or is under represented please mail [email protected] with your suggestion. A link to examples of the terrain you suggest would be very helpful to we know what exactly you are looking for.


Kind Regards

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman