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Club Partial closure 6th August to 19th August

+++ Club News +++

a few news items
1. The hall and bar area will be closed for decorating and the floor being redone between the 6th and 19th August, we have been offered the upstairs and pavilion areas for these 2 weeks, so space will be very limited we will not have access to the scenery cupboard, they will place tables in Pavilion for us, but limited space, we suggests board games or skirmish games with your own scenery. there will be a kettle for tea/coffee – first com first served im afraid

2. the open day on the 19th may be cancelled , due to the floor (see point 1) we will  refund any tickets bought for events

3. Jess has decided to stop running the coffee bar, unfortunately she has a new job which means she cant get down on most Wednesdays

so we will be doing or best from next week till we find a replacement, so be patient please

On that note if any one knows someone who would like to run the tea bar on a club night and /or the open days, please let a committee member know, its self funding and all profits go to the person who runs and stocks it

any questions please contact