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Club AGM details

Dear club member
Nominations and the deadline for additional items is now closed, as such the briefing document for members in advance of the AGM is now available, please request if not received on email list (cant post here as contains financials)

There will be a limited number of printed copies at the AGM for those who haven’t got this email.

WAR Committee for 2023
The Nominations for 2023 Committee are:
a. Ian Sewell
b. Peter Smith
c. Ad Vickers
d. James Cameron
e. Steve Watling
f. James Wood
g. Chris Watling
As there are 7 nominations and 7 committee positions there will be no vote for who is on the
committee the above will be the committee and positions will be announced once they have had
chance to meet

David Henderson
“Tireless contributions to the club through out the
year and especially at warfare, organising 4
tournaments and running one over the weekend to
great success.”

Ad Vickers
He goes all out for club members and is always
helpful and friendly”

Steve Johnstone
“running the traders brilliantly”

Ian Sewell
“for his help with many aspects of Warfare & building
all that terrain”
“Work put in at Warfare”

Dave Mather
“Top job in organising competitions at Warfare”
“Picking up and running with the tournament work
for Warfare this year, including taking up the whole
kit and kaboodle rather than just the
historical/ancients as planned. Brilliant work on
communications with competition leads and traders resulting in a big turnout, happy gamers, vast
amounts of prize support and hopefully a bright plan
for bigger and better going forward.“
“Work put in at Warfare”
“for stepping in to run the competitions at Warfare
including negotiating £7k in prize support &

Timeline from now
The AGM will take place on December 7th at 8pm.

Voting forms will be available on the night and an email for online voting will be sent afterwards.

The results will be announced the following week at the club night on December 14th.

Dates for the Diary – Until the end of 2022
We are running up to the end of the year, below are the dates for the diary between now and the end of the year.

7th December – AGM
14th December – AGM Voting Results
21st December – Fish and Chip Night
28th December – Open as normal

Confirmed Open days for 2023 – (Thanks to those that spotted these are for 2023)
All open days are 9am to 4:30pm
12th February
2nd April
28 May
There are more dates to follow we are looking to get a mix of Saturdays and Sundays in for the rest of the year.


Many thanks.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman