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Warfare 2022 travel update

Warfare 2022 travel update for Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th
Road works near exhibition centre on weekend of show
Lynchford Road , from North Camp roundabout on A331 will be closed so please come in other route
For Saturday and Sunday we will be using gate F and will be sign posted to the car park next to exhibition hall
For those using sat nav the gate F postcode is GU14 6TQ
More travel info can be found here
Friday 11th
For those setting up on Friday 11th (traders etc) please use Gate A postcode GU14 6FD
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Tournament Update

With October drawing to a warm close you can almost reach out and touch Warfare 2022. Over in the tournament arena we now have over 400 competitors booked in across 23 tournaments. There are still some tickets available for the competitions and will be so until next Tuesday (Nov 1) when sales will be limited to maintaining/obtaining even numbers.
If you are swithering have a look on the Warfare Tournaments page

Where you can see all of this year’s eclectic mix. You will also see the companies/traders that have very kindly donated prizes and I am delighted to say that the total amount of prize support provided to date this year is now around £3.5k. We will look in more detail around some of these in the run in along with any show and tournament offers.

The order has been placed for this year’s trophies and much like last year’s trophies these will feature WARren the Wyvern. This year WARren will be appearing in a couple of new guises.
So if you are still undecided – you’ve only got a few days left to you get a ticket.
Go on you know it makes sense – what else would you do on a cold November weekend.
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Club Warfare update

Dear club member,

WARFARE 22 Farnborough Exhibition Centre


With Warfare 22  a few weeks away on the weekend of the 11th to 13th of November, this is a note to advise you of the time line for the weekend.


Friday 11 November   – Access to the Exhibition Centre is via Gate A Post Code for Sat Nav GU14 6XE . Please arrive at 13.00hrs to help set up the tables for the traders, competitions and demonstrations, Bring and Buy and other ancillary functions. At 15:00hrs the traders will start unloading and they will need assistance in offloading their vehicles.  Help will also be required assisting the competition organisers with the setting up of their tables . We have to be out of the conference centre by 18:00hrs.


Saturday 12 November – Access to the Exhibition Centre  is via Gate F, Post Code for Sat Nav, GU14 6TQ. Please arrive between 07:30hrs and 08:30 hrs to assist with off loading the traders. Exit from the site is via exit A


Sunday 13 November – Access to the centre is via Gate F. Please arrive anytime between 08:00 and 09:00hrs. A minutes silence will be held at 11:00hrs. The show is likely to be finished by 16:00hrs, and we then have to clear the venue  by 18:00hrs this means clearing all of the terrain away and stacking the table and chairs. Exit from the site is via exit A.


As advised earlier in the year, please remember that if you wish to sell items on the Bring & Buy you will pay 5% commission on any sales made.


Finally, this show is ran  for the benefit of the club members of the Wargames Association of Reading. If you  have not already volunteered for a role over the weekend please speak to one of the committee members or Paul Hays. In particular, please can you ensure  you assist in clearing the show away on the Sunday evening as I sure we all want to get away at a reasonable time.

Steve Watling

Warfare Lead

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WARFARE 2022 – Your club needs you!


Your club needs you!

Dear colleagues,

It’s that time of year when we set up and run one of the biggest wargames shows in the wargames calendar – Warfare 2022 is this one.

Over the years, and I have been a member for over 40 of ‘em in several roles!, we have held this event each year since at least 1979, bar one (thanks to Covid), and we need your help as much as ever to help your club………

You may be aware that the show’s “profit” probably pays for nigh on 4/5ths of our fiscal needs, thus keeping our subs LOW.  Less than £1 per week is bloody good! (‘scuse my French!).

Just about all can have a role in it and I have a need for a dozen (12) of you, or more, to help set up the expected 900 tables in the right place for the traders, competition gamers and demo/participation players.  This is hoped to be from Noon (12:00) on the Friday for up to about 3 hours and from say 16:00 on the Sunday for about 2 hours.  Those physically unable are excused of course, but we might have other roles for you 😊

Those able please do come forward, we really do need you……  Thank you;  Paul Hays

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Please sign up for club updates

+++ Club Members +++
Hi All,
It has become increasingly apparent that posting on Facebook and the website is not enough to get everyone at the town halls and see announcements as a lot of our members don’t use Facebook. To this end we have setup a mailing list using a company called mailchimp. The basic version we have signed up for is free and includes settings to make it GDPR compliant.
In order for people to register they need to sign up using the below link. At which point we will check them against the membership list and if they are not there we will offer them to pay and join or we will boot them off the list.
We plan to use the list so that we can announce what’s happening with the club re opening, Warfare and town halls.