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Warfare demo and participation results

Warfare demo and participation results
Best of Show
Combined Oppo’s French Indian War
Most innovative (Pat Wingfield award)
Strength and Honour- Strength and Honour demo 2mm
Demo games
1st Combined Oppo’s French Indian War
2nd Jemima Fawr’s Blog 10mm ACW the battle of Murfreesboro 1962
3rd Huntingdon and District WargMes – 54mm battle of Tlamon 225BC
Participation games
1st Boscombe and Amesbury wargMes club – Escape from Jurassic Island
2nd Prince Ruperts Rgt – 28mm ECW
3rd Guildford WargMes club – Battle of Bisley
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Warfare 2021 – Event Details for Helpers and members

Here are some details about Warfare 2021.  Those who have volunteered for specific roles should also be contacted by their team leader to agree meeting times & duties.

Firstly unless you have been specifically asked to go to Winnersh on Friday please go straight to Ascot Racecourse.  Warfare is in the Grandstand, which is accessed on foot via the ticket office unless you have agreed an unloading slot on the service road with Paul Hays.  Note there will be another event on in the Pavilion.

For those coming by car the main car park is car park 2.  If you arrive early either day you may get into the slightly nearer car park 3. Details of where the car parks are are available here.

The times for helpers are:-
Friday 26th           2pm to 9pm
Saturday 27th      8am-7pm
Sunday 28th         8am -7pm

The show will be open to the public 10am-5pm on Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday.

You will need to get a wrist band from the ticket office.  Access to the show is free for the signed up volunteers and escorted under 16’s.  You will need to pass through Ascot security to get onto site, this may include a bag search.

Whilst onsite there will be three refreshment stations, two, Lavazza & Mrs B’s Kitchen on the concourse (ground) level and the Horsewalk Bar on the 4th floor.  Menus are available here:

Lavazza Tierra Deli
Mrs B’s Kitchen
Horsewalk Bar

There will be an online show guide that you can download onto your phone using a QR code. Or you can visit the help desk just inside the Core C doors on the concourse.  The bring & buy is on the 2nd floor in the “Ascot Authority Box”

Enjoy the show & please help the public to do so.

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Warfare 2021 – 27th/28th November @ Ascot & Club News

Warfare 2021 – 27th/28th November @ Ascot

The Warfare team have made great progress with arranging the show.  We have 70+ traders signed up, 600+ competitors preparing their figures, participation games and an advanced ticketing system for door entry.  However all this will be in vain without the support of the club members to prepare and staff the event.  We will need helpers at Ascot from 3:00pm on Friday 26th and on both days of the event.  We will not have to put down a floor nor put out the tables, but there is more effort to coordinate the loading & unloading. There are two ways that you can volunteer; sign up with a particular team or sign up as a general helper which will mean switching between tasks as required.  The people to contact are:-

  • Tony Lennon – Bring & Buy
  • Paul Hays – Trader Loading & Unloading
  • Alastair – Help point & demonstration games
  • James Baldwin – Door
  • Ian Sewell – Club equipment & transport
  • David Henderson – Setup for Tournaments
  • Steve Watling – General helpers

As in previous years we will be operating the reward voucher scheme for those that contribute.  One change, caused by the size of the site, will be that eligibility for vouchers will be determined by the team leaders and will be gained through working for a period on one or more of the teams.


Club Nights

It has been great to see all those down the club over the last few months, please be aware of the following:

  • Booking – To book for a Club Night please use the booking page available here, we still need this because we need to know who has been down the club
  • Table Setup – We have a layout that we are working to that makes best use of the space and allows some social distancing. Please follow the instructions of any committee members on layout
  • Bar Area/Sindlesham Room (The smaller room) – Numbers down the club in the last couple of weeks have meant that we don’t need to rent the extra space. We are going to have to pay full rate in the next couple of weeks and once we do we will see if numbers mean we need to start renting this. We will use the games booked to help give us a guide for future numbers.
  • Terrain – Any terrain or mats that have been borrowed please can they be returned to the club, we are trying to see how much terrain the club has.


Club Sundays

A reminder about club Sundays for the rest of the year, they are:

September 19th
October 17th
December 12th

Booking for the Sundays is done through the same page as for Wednesday games.


Membership Reminder

If you have not paid your membership this year please use the links to the club store for those who want to use card or PayPal:

For renewing if you were a member last year Click Here
The page is password protected and the password is Discountmember2021$

If you were not a member last year Click Here

We are still taking cash or bank transfer, if you would like to use one of these methods please bring cash down on the first night you attend and for bank details contact


Many thanks and hope you are staying well.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman

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Warfare 2021 – November 27th/28th

Warfare 2021

Warfare 2021 – Ascot Race Course 27th/28th November 2021


Warfare, our annual wargames show, is one of the largest in the country. This year, it is being held on the 27th and 28th November 20201

The Show in 2021 is moving to the Grandstand at Ascot Race Course, this move was due to Rivermead leisure centre being re-developed and the new centre will be smaller and we have out grown this location. With the new venue we will have a lot more space and will be able to expand Tournaments, traders, demo and participation games  and the Bring and Buy as well as add more to the show such as buy and play areas, more space for traders to run demos of games by their stands, and expand traders to include board and card games  plus other areas we currently do not cover


Entry will be £8/day (non war-gaming partners and children under 16 Free)

Also  Free parking 

So very exiting times ahead


Show Opening times

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 4pm

Traders will be confirmed over the year, but we expect to have more than 80 of them. In addition, our ever popular (and huge) bring and buy will be present.

There will be a number of demonstration and participation games, as well as a large range of competitions. Watch this space for details.


Car Parking – FREE

There are from 2,000 to  8,000 car parking spaces available at Ascot Racecourse

Park in Car park 2 and 3


From London & The North
M4 Junction 6 onto the A332 Windsor by-pass and follow the signs to Ascot.
From the West
M4 Junction 10 to the A329(M) signed to Bracknell and follow the signs to Ascot.
From the South & East
M3 Junction 3 onto the A332 signed to Bracknell and follow the signs to Ascot.
From the Midlands
M40 southbound, Junction 4. Take the A404 towards the M4 (Junction 8/9). On the M4 head towards Heathrow/London. Leave M4 at Junction 6 and follow the A332 Windsor by-pass to Ascot.


South West Trains runs a frequent service to Ascot from both Reading, Guildford and London Waterloo. The average journey time is 27 minutes from Reading and 52 minutes from Waterloo. The railway station is a seven-minute walk from the racecourse, via. a spacious paved path away from roads.


Ascot has special offers on Hotels see link Ascot Racecourse Hotel List

Also there are Premier inn and Travel lodge hotels within a few miles of the venue see list below

Premier Inn Bracknell Central hotel, Premier Inn Bracknell (Twin Bridges) hotel, and Premier Inn Bagshot hotel

Travelodge Bracknell Central, and Travelodge Bracknell


Trader enquiries

Other/General Enquires


Demo/Participation games

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Postponement of Warfare 2020 to 2021

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the postponement of Warfare 2020 to 20201 due to the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 regulations.  We have held on for as long as possible in the hope that the situation for events of this size would normalise, however we now need to make a decision in order to give everyone time to plan their activities in November.

We are moving on to making sure Warfare 2021 will be a success. Warfare 2021 will be on the weekend of November 27th and 28th.  We will have the same Ascot Racecourse venue as was planned for this year and we are committed to making the most of the venue that will combine all the good things we have had in the past along with all of the new things we had planned for this year.

Thank you for your support of Warfare 2020. If you have already been kind enough to send us a deposit or pay for a tournament ticket for 2020 we will roll over your deposit and ticket to 2021. If you feel unable to commit to joining us next year, we will naturally return your deposit or refund your ticket.

Thanks to everyone who has either helped with the planning for this year or who has provided encouragement over the last few months.  Looking forward to a massive Warfare in 2021.

Tournament and Trade organisers will be in contact personally but if you have any queries please mail<>


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Club Virtual Town Hall – 5th August 8pm

On the Wednesday 5th of August at 8PM  there will be a Virtual Town hall,

We will be briefing on the current status of Warfare 2020 and providing an update on when the club will be reopening. There will be a vote introduced in the meeting, you can vote during the meeting and afterwards.

There will be Q&A during the meeting and there will be a recording available on the joining link afterwards.

 If you wish to join the details are in the private WAR Club Game group on Facebook or on request by emailing

 If you are unable to join the event there will be a recording and voting will available afterwards.

 Many thanks

Chris Watling
WAR Chairman

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Please sign up for club updates

+++ Club Members +++
Hi All,
It has become increasingly apparent that posting on Facebook and the website is not enough to get everyone at the town halls and see announcements as a lot of our members don’t use Facebook. To this end we have setup a mailing list using a company called mailchimp. The basic version we have signed up for is free and includes settings to make it GDPR compliant.
In order for people to register they need to sign up using the below link. At which point we will check them against the membership list and if they are not there we will offer them to pay and join or we will boot them off the list.
We plan to use the list so that we can announce what’s happening with the club re opening, Warfare and town halls.
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Club Virtual Toen Hall – 8th July 8pm

On the Wednesday 8th of July at 8PM  there will be a Virtual Town hall where the committee will update the members on where we are with regards restarting club nights and on planning for Warfare 2020 and what the current situation means. WAR club members can put questions to the committee on a live text Q&A as part of the event.

 If you wish to join the details are in the private WAR Club Game group on Facebook or on request by emailing

 If you are unable to join the event there will be a recording available afterwards.

 Many thanks

Chris Watling
WAR Chairman


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COVID-19 and the club

Dear All

Following the most recent government guidance regarding social gatherings and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 the club will be closed until the end of March, this includes weekend events. At the end of the month the decision will be reviewed. If guidance changes before then we will review the decision earlier.

 At present we are planning for Warfare 2020 taking place in November to go ahead as planned.

 We will post further announcements on the club website and Facebook page, any questions please contact If you know of any club members who don’t have access to either of these sources please pass the message on.

 Kind Regards

 Chris Watling
WAR Chairman