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COVID-19 and the club

Dear All

Following the most recent government guidance regarding social gatherings and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 the club will be closed until the end of March, this includes weekend events. At the end of the month the decision will be reviewed. If guidance changes before then we will review the decision earlier.

 At present we are planning for Warfare 2020 taking place in November to go ahead as planned.

 We will post further announcements on the club website and Facebook page, any questions please contact If you know of any club members who don’t have access to either of these sources please pass the message on.

 Kind Regards

 Chris Watling
WAR Chairman

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Club Open Days 2020

Club Open Days 2020

In addition to the regular Wednesday night gaming, the club runs a number of Sunday Open Days. These are held monthly from January to October, and the dates for 2020 are:

(These will be confirmed by the 2020 committee in January 2020)

  • Club open day Sunday’s 9:00 – 17:00
    19 January
    23 February
    22 March
    19 April
    17 May
    28 June
    26 July
    23 August
    18 October

We Also will have 3 Tournament Weekends next year where we will hold 40 to 80 player tournaments at the club over the weekend (more details to come

  •  Tournament Weekends (tournaments only)(Fri 18:00 – midnight / Sat 9:00 – midnight / Sun 9:00 – 17:00)24 – 26 January MESBG doubles tournament
    3-5 July Bomt Action tournament
    25-27 Sept TBC (possibly FOW)